Expert Development Services on Bubble.io

• Customised design that suits your brand
• UX thinking process
• Coaching to improve your application: training, monitoring and support
• We can also audit your app and suggest improvements to be implemented by sprint or over time

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The projects we have done in Bubble

Bubble, custom app for personal projects

As experts in Bubble.io development, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating robust, scalable, and customised applications using the platform.

NoxMethod: Understand, Build, Support

Think together using Userflow

Creating a user flow for your project is a crucial step in the development process that can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.
By mapping out the user flow, we identify potential roadblocks and areas of improvement, ensuring that the final product is both user-friendly and intuitive.

Create an application that suits your needs

By creating a Figma design, you can test the visual hierarchy, typography, and colour palette of your application, ensuring that your final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and easy to use.
Our expert designers use Figma to create successful projects that meet the needs of your users while staying on track with timelines and budgets.

Expert developers for any project

Thanks to our vast experience in Bubble development, we have the skills and knowledge to build complex and customised applications using the platform. Our team will advise you on the best solutions and options to create an application that will fully meet your needs.

Stay in control of your project

At Noxcod, our top priority is to train you in Bubble, clearly explaining how your application is built to ensure you maintain control over its development.
On request, we can also provide documentation for your application or schedule meetings to support you as your project progresses.

Our Bubble eLearning course allows you to develop your skills at your own pace, ensuring you fully comprehend the systems we've put in place.
As you can see, our goal is to work alongside you, and nurture a long-term partnership to ensure your success.

Scale and Growth

We can perform continuous maintenance on your project to ensure its continued success and longevity.
Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they become major problems, reducing the risk of downtime and data loss.

Our projects in Bubble


Internal application

• Management of variable prices according to vehicles, services and profile
• Complex scheduling management
• Large-scale database
• Multi-profile


Bubble for a service platform

• Fast development (in 10 days)
• Training for improvement
• Tips and recommendations
• Payment system set up with Stripe

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A marketplace in Nocode

• Zapier Integration
• Setting up different logins and rights in order to secure the application
• Xano Integration
• Implementation of different subscriptions depending on the company

What budget for your project?

Agile Project

For complex projects requiring special features and a unique design.
On estimate
Agile project include:
👥 Dedicated Project Manager
Have an expert by your side throughout the entire journey, ensuring smooth coordination, timely updates, and answers to all your queries.
🔄 Comprehensive Development Process
Experience a robust and thorough development cycle that leaves no stone unturned, ensuring every aspect of your project is meticulously crafted.
🖊 Project Framing Meetings
Engage in strategic sessions to define your project's scope, objectives, and expectations, laying a solid foundation for success.
🎨 Custom Design Maquettes Aligned with Your Brand
Receive tailor-made design prototypes that are not just visually stunning but also perfectly in sync with your brand identity.
💳 Payment by Stages
Enjoy financial flexibility with a phased payment structure, aligning your investments with project milestones.
🎓 Trainings for Autonomy
Empower yourself and your team with comprehensive training sessions, ensuring you are well-equipped to manage and optimize your project post-delivery.
💲 Get a Custom Quote
Every project is unique, and so is our pricing. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a tailored quote.
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Bubble MVP - 30 Days

Ideal to test your market with a fast delivery
MVP includes:
📅 Fast Turnaround
Turn your idea into reality in just 1 month, from start to finish.
🎨 Design & Development Included

Take advantage of a comprehensive package that includes both visual design and technical development of your application.
🚀 Strategic Guidance
Leverage our expertise to define the key features of your MVP, ensuring you bring a product to market that truly meets your users' needs.
👥 Dedicated Project Manager
A dedicated professional will be at your disposal to coordinate the project, keep you informed, and answer all your questions.
🎓 Bubble Training in French
Learn how to master Bubble with specialized training, conducted entirely in French, to enable you to take control of your application post-delivery.
💲 Competitive Flat Rate
All of this is available to you at a competitive flat rate, with no hidden costs.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Noxcod as your Bubble agency?
We have extensive experience in Bubble.io development, having worked on numerous projects over the past few years. This means that we have the knowledge and expertise to create custom, scalable, and high-performing applications that meet the unique needs of our clients.

We are committed to delivering top-quality work that exceeds our clients' expectations. We take a collaborative approach to app development, working closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is fully realised in the final product.
What are the services offered by Noxcod on Bubble?
• Application development: We can help you design, develop, and launch your custom application using Bubble.io.

• MVP development: We develop a minimum viable product (MVP) for your application to quickly validate your idea and test the market.

• Application integration: We integrate your application with third-party services and APIs, including payment gateways, CRMs, and social media platforms.

• Application maintenance and support: We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your application remains up-to-date, secure, and user-friendly.

• Application optimization: We can help you optimise your application for performance, scalability, and user engagement.

• Bubble consulting: We offer consulting services to help you get started with Bubble.io, optimise your workflows, and overcome any challenges you may encounter.
How long does it take to develop an app from start to finish?
The development timeline for a Bubble.io application can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Generally, a simple application with basic functionality can be developed in a matter of weeks, while more complex applications with advanced features can take several months or even longer.

At Noxcod, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop a realistic project timeline based on those needs. We prioritise transparency and communication throughout the development process, providing regular updates and progress reports to ensure that our clients are fully informed of the project's status.

Overall, the development timeline for a Bubble.io application will depend on several factors, including the application's complexity, the size of the development team, and the level of collaboration with the client. However, we strive to deliver our projects on time and within budget, while ensuring the highest level of quality and client satisfaction.
What is your process for app development, from design to launch?
At Noxcod, we follow a structured and collaborative process for app development, from design to launch. Here's an overview of our typical process:

• Discovery: We start by understanding your requirements and goals, and we work with you to define the scope of the project, establish timelines, and set expectations.
• Design: Our design team will work with you to create wireframes, mockups, and design concepts to visualise the application's user interface and user experience. We ensure that the design aligns with your brand identity and is optimised for user engagement.
• Development: Once the design is finalised, our development team will use Bubble.io to build the application, incorporating any necessary third-party services and APIs. We follow agile development methodologies to ensure a smooth and collaborative development process.
• Testing: We conduct thorough testing to ensure that the application functions correctly, is free of bugs and errors, and provides an optimal user experience. We use a variety of testing tools and techniques to ensure the highest level of quality.
• Launch: Once the application has been thoroughly tested and refined, we launch it and provide ongoing maintenance and support services as needed. We monitor the application's performance and ensure that it remains up-to-date and secure.

Throughout the development process, we prioritise transparency and communication. We provide regular updates and progress reports, and we work closely with you to ensure that the application meets your expectations and requirements.Our process is flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of each project, and we are committed to delivering high-quality, custom solutions that help our clients achieve their goals.
Do you offer ongoing maintenance and support for the app after launch?
Yes, at Noxcod, we offer ongoing maintenance and support services for the applications we develop. We understand that technology is constantly evolving, and that applications need updates, bug fixes, and security patches after they are launched.
How do you handle app security and user data protection?
We take app security and user data protection very seriously. We understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of our clients' data and we adhere to industry-standard security practices to protect it.

We implement strict access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorised personnel can access our clients' data, we take regular backups of our clients' data to make sure that it is protected against data loss or corruption and we conduct thorough testing of our applications to ensure that they are secure.
What is your pricing structure for app development?
We offer custom pricing for each project, based on the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Our pricing structure takes into account a variety of factors, including the complexity of the project, the scope of work, the timeline, and the level of customization required.

We also offer the MVP solution to create your application in 15 days, starting from €8000 at least. This solution will only contain essential features to test your project on your market.
How does Noxcod ensure that the app is user-friendly and intuitive?
We use design thinking principles to guarantee that the app is user-friendly and intuitive. This approach involves a deep understanding of the user's needs, goals, and pain points, which allows us to design an application that is tailored to their specific needs.

We employ an iterative design process that allows us to refine the application's user interface based on feedback from users and stakeholders. Ultimately, our goal is to create an application that is easy to use, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing, providing the best possible experience for our clients' customers.
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