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Craft captivating user interfaces, effortlessly generate pristine code, and deploy with a single click to app stores or the web. Unleash the full potential of customization with seamless integration of custom code.

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Flutterflow, make mobile app easier

Build stunning apps effortlessly with Flutterflow. Create beautiful UI designs, generate clean code, and deploy to app stores or the web with a single click. Customize your app with ease using visual builders, custom widgets, and powerful action flows.

Create an application that suits your needs

By creating a Figma design, you can test the visual hierarchy, typography, and colour palette of your application, ensuring that your final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and easy to use.
Our expert designers use Figma to create successful projects that meet the needs of your users while staying on track with timelines and budgets.

Easy integration of your design

Simply integrate your design on Flutterflow thanks to its drag and drop system.

You can also use many components native to your phone to make navigation super smooth.

Make your application functional with workflows

Flutterflow allow you to add complex action flows, create reusable UI components, and write custom code to tailor your application behavior to your specific needs.

You can connect easily API or create push notifications.

Simply deploy your app on stores

FlutterFlow empowers you to effortlessly deploy your app to the App Store, Play Store, and the web with a simple click for each platform. Take advantage of the platform's seamless integration, allowing you to use custom domains for your web applications.

Scale and Growth

We can perform continuous maintenance on your project to ensure its continued success and longevity.

Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they become major problems, reducing the risk of downtime and data loss.

Our No code project with Flutterflow


Dinning with strangers

• Structuring database
• Setting up payment
• Management of dinner information
• User Management
• expansion of the concept in more than 120 cities and areas around the world
• Increase to more than 300,000 users


Social media meeting app

• Navigation with TikTok swipe
• Set up a messaging system
• Matching System
• Push notification
• Set up a paid subscription

What price for your project?

Agile Project

For complex projects requiring special fittings and a unique design.
On estimation
An agile project can includes:
• A dedicated project manager
• Complete process
• Project scoping meeting
• Customized design mockups, aligned with your branding
• Payment in stages
• Trainings for autonomy
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MVP - 15 days

Ideal to test your market with a fast delivery
Starting 8000€
MVP includes:
• A dedicated project manager
• Functional Product
• 15-day development cycle
• Streamlined process

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does Flutterflow differ from other app development platforms?
Flutterflow sets itself apart from other app development platforms through its visual development environment, where users can build apps using a drag-and-drop interface without extensive coding knowledge. The platform generates clean code in the background, following Flutter's best practices for optimal performance.

With real-time preview capabilities, users can instantly see the changes they make to their app design. Flutterflow seamlessly integrates with Firebase for live data connectivity and supports API integration for expanded functionality. The platform offers extensive customization options, including the creation of custom widgets and complex action flows.

With one-click deployment, users can effortlessly publish their apps to app stores or the web. Additionally, Flutterflow benefits from an active and supportive community, providing a collaborative learning environment. Overall, Flutterflow streamlines app development, making it accessible and efficient for developers of all skill levels.
What level of customization is possible within Flutterflow?
Flutterflow provides a high level of customization, allowing users to create unique and tailored app experiences. Users have the freedom to customize various aspects of their app's design, including layouts, colors, fonts, and styles, using the visual builder.

Additionally, Flutterflow supports the creation of custom widgets, enabling users to design and reuse their own components across different screens and projects. The platform also offers a visual action builder, empowering users to define complex action flows and interactions within their app.

For advanced customization, Flutterflow allows to write custom code directly in the platform or leverage OpenAI's Codex to generate code snippets. This flexibility enables developers to match their app's functionality and aesthetics to their specific requirements, resulting in highly customized and professional-looking applications.
Are there any limitations on the types of apps that can be built using Flutterflow?
While Flutterflow offers extensive capabilities, there may be limitations on extremely complex apps that require highly specialized functionalities or intricate customizations.

However, its flexibility, customizability, and integration options make it suitable for a wide range of app development needs.
Are there any limitations on the types of apps that can be built using Flutterflow?
Flutterflow simplifies app deployment by offering a streamlined process. With a single click, you can deploy your app to the App Store, Play Store, or the web. Flutterflow generates the necessary app build files, ensuring compatibility with each platform's requirements.

You can then follow the respective app store submission guidelines and submit your app for review and approval. This seamless integration and user-friendly deployment process make it easy to make your app available to a wide audience.
Can noxcod make maintenance on flutterflow?
We can ensure that your app remains up to date, secure, and optimized for performance.

Noxcod offer a range of services, including bug fixes, feature enhancements, compatibility updates, and ongoing support. With our expertise, they can swiftly troubleshoot issues and implement necessary improvements, allowing you to focus on your core business while knowing that your Flutterflow app is in capable hands.
So why wait?
Start today and create your own mobile app on flutterflow!

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