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Noxcod and Glide: Your solution for optimized internal platforms

Noxcod is your strategic partner to get the most out of Glide in your business. We help you transform your internal processes into intuitive and efficient platforms, thus optimizing the productivity of your team and the management of your business. With Noxcod and Glide, digitizing your business becomes child's play.

Focus on your needs

Design in Glide is a seamless and user-friendly process that empowers you to create stunning and professional-looking apps without any coding expertise.

Save time on graphic design and let's focus on your needs

Keep Everything in Perfect Sync

With Glide's seamless synchronization capabilities, your data stays in perfect sync across all your applications, ensuring real-time updates and a consistent experience across multiple platforms.

Simplified API integration

With just a few clicks, we can connect Glide to Zapier and unleash your app's full potential.

Develop your application together

If you want to get your hands on the tool, we can set up training to explain how to use Glide.

We will then make calls to take stock of the progress of your project

Our No code project with Glide


Implementation of an internal platform for the management

‍• Replacement of an Excel-based system with an intuitive user interface.
• Assignment of specific rights for administrators and the team
• Delivery of a first version of the platform in less than a week


Recruitment platform and AI

• Advanced candidate management tools: visual tracking (Kanban view), automatic generation of rejection emails, and candidate scoring
• Ability to automatically pull information from CVs LinkedIn, and import data from CSV files or emails to add candidates
• Complete recruiting solution, offering a variety of features to optimize recruiting efforts, including interview report generation and job posting translation


Project management platform

• Complete project management, including monitoring and tracking, to maintain an efficient organization
• Customizable status system for clients, admins, and team, promoting clear communication and shared responsibility
• Financial and time monitoring of projects for optimal resource management and increased transparency
• Real-time analysis of projects and roadmap, combined with team management, for strategic planning and effective decision-making

What price for your project?

Agile Project

For complex projects requiring special fittings and a unique design.
On estimation
An agile project can includes:
• A dedicated project manager
• Complete process
• Project scoping meeting
• Customized design mockups, aligned with your branding
• Payment in stages
• Trainings for autonomy
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MVP - 15 days

Ideal to test your market with a fast delivery
Starting 8000€
MVP includes:
• A dedicated project manager
• Functional Product
• 15-day development cycle
• Streamlined process

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using glide?
Glide offers numerous benefits that make it an exceptional choice for app development.

Firstly, with Glide's intuitive visual interface and pre-built components, app development becomes a rapid and streamlined process, saving time and effort. The cost-effectiveness of Glide reduces development costs compared to traditional methods.

The versatility of Glide enables the creation of both mobile and web apps, ensuring broader accessibility across various platforms and devices.

Glide also provides customizable design options, allowing you to tailor themes, fonts, colors, and layouts to match your brand or create a unique user experience.
How easy is it to create apps with Glide?
With pre-built components and templates available, we can quickly assemble the desired features and functionalities for your app.

Additionally, Glide provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and a supportive community that offers guidance and assistance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced app creator, Glide's user-centric approach ensures a seamless and enjoyable app development experience.
Can I build both mobile and web apps with Glide?
Yes, with Glide, we can build both mobile and web apps.

Glide is a versatile platform that allows us to create apps that are accessible on various platforms and devices. We can design and develop apps specifically tailored for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and optimized user experience on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, you have the flexibility to build web apps that can be accessed through web browsers on desktops and laptops.
Can I integrate external data sources or APIs into my Glide app?
Yes, we can integrate external data sources or APIs into your Glide app.

Glide provides seamless integration capabilities, allowing us to connect and leverage data from various sources to enhance the functionality and content of your app. We can integrate popular data sources like Google Sheets, Airtable, Excel, or even connect to custom APIs.
How Noxcod can help me create my glide's application
At Noxcod, we can offer you several solutions to help you set up your application on glide:

1. As an expert agency in Nocode, we can easily understand your needs and develop the application that will best meet them

2. You may want to create your own application using Glide. In this case, we can also support you by providing you with a Glide developer who will be able to guide and advise you during the implementation of your project.

3. We can also take over an existing project and add features or integrations
So why wait?
Start today and create your own mobile app on glide!

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