<h2>gyfti: professional gifts reinvented</h2><p>Whether it's to thank, woo or retain your prospects, clients, or employees, professional gifts are made for it. Thanks to the development of no-code on <strong>gyfti,</strong> it's now easier than ever.</p>

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Offer, select and build loyalty

Gyfti is a professional gift platform. It gathers hundreds of gifts and baskets that you can select as you wish. With Gyfti it's simple, the automation of gifts can be linked to different mailboxes and allows you to choose which customer receives which gifts with a few clicks.

Stratégie produit

Since july 2021, we have been accompanying gyfti. It's long term support, which allows them to improve their product. Gyfti is in constant evolution and requires a rigorous follow-up.

This explains the strategy of having an accessible and easy to modify the product.

Their main objective is to automate the delivery of the professional gift.

No code

No code allowed them to quickly schedule tests with suppliers and customers. Their feedback, almost immediate, was used to adapt to the imbalances of the product as quickly as possible and to propose the platform in a short time.


By the very nature of their business, gyfti needed a complex marketplace system that could be modified and adjusted to meet the needs of their prospects and employees. For example, the marketplace had to be perfectly adapted to the demand of each supplier.


Gyfti is often in direct contact with many online services, like Shopify, with its many partners and suppliers. We helped them set up numerous automations with their partners via APIs. We made it easy for them to use Gyfti by assisting them in creating a Zapier app.

Témoignage du client

"We have been working with Noxcod for 1 year. We started our collaboration with coaching sessions to increase our skills and then we delegated part of the development of our platform. The team is made up of several people with mixed skills, which allows us to have an answer to all our needs. The founders are flexible and very accommodating. We have a real relationship of trust and will continue to work with noxcod for a long time! The customer relationship is central to their daily management. Thanks to the whole team!"

Samir Bouhassoun
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