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<p><strong>Never get lost in Lyon with le Petit Paumé</strong></p><p><br></p><p>Started by students in 1968, Le Petit Paumé is now the #1 travel guide for the city of Lyon. Being such an icon for anyone wanting to make the most out of what Lyon has to offer, it was a pleasure for Noxcod, also created and thriving in the city, to help our friends at Le Petit Paumé transition <a href="https://app.petitpaume.com/">their web platform</a> to a no-code design, to share their findings and insight on what’s to embrace and what to avoid when you’re out and about in the city of lights.<br></p><p></p><p>‍</p><p><br></p>

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Looking for a place to visit?

Whether you’re in the market for a walk around one of Lyon’s many museums, a meal in the renowned gastronomic establishments of the city, or simply for a drink with good friends in a cozy place, le Petit Paumé’s guide is the most reliable and complete guides around. And as they guided us around the city, we guided them in their transition to a no-code model, allowing for more versatility and flexibility on their web platform. 

Their members roam tirelessly every year to test out almost every (1200 per year) cultural and culinary establishment of the Rhône capital, to distinguish some of them with the highest honor they can bestow: the RPPP (Recommended by le Petit Paumé), making them a landmark in Lyon’s cultural life. As such, the catalog of recommendations (or non-recommendations, depending on the ruling of the judges) is not only massive, it is also in a state of constant evolution and growth.

Several ways to find what you’re looking for: the site’s directories can be arranged by category, location, price and rating. You can also add places to your favorites, and on each establishment's page, you’ll find all their info, along with what one of the Paumés had to say on their visit, the owner’s presentation, and a space to share your thoughts and ratings. 

We also added a way for the platform to automate the synchronisation of all data through Airtable, for a streamlined, uniform no-code experience.

Stratégie produit

Going the distance

In its 50 years of existence, the guide provided by Le Petit Paumé has never stopped evolving and growing. And it's not going to stop now; as such, we had to envision the evolving nature of the content displayed: a synchronised Airtable database was thus a must, to make sure that all the changes are relayed quickly.

A place for each place

Each of the establishment and locations had to be thouroughlyed in LPP's search engine. Searching by type, price, area or even by keyword (to find that place you've heard so much about) was a natural objective of the development.

The full package

Every single one of the places has its own subset of data points: mapped location, opening hours, contact information, and of course the famed reviews of the Paumés... Making these informations legible and pleasing was one of the key points in the design of the UI.

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