Magic Makers

<p>Social networking, e-commerce, streaming, smart devices… Every aspect of life is changing: more and more people partake in the digital revolution, through apps and systems that get more complete and versatile every day. <strong>In 10 days</strong> we developed Magic Makers. This platform ensures that the next generation of developers is ready for the challenges of tomorrow.</p>

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Learning to code is learning to learn

It’s the motto of Magic Makers. Their mission? Give the new generation of budding developers all the tools to evolve and blossom in the world of coding, with all the infinite possibilities that it entails. It was thus with great pleasure and pride that Noxcod helped the educators at Magic Makers in creating their desktop platform, a canvas on which the coders of tomorrow will paint their first masterpieces.

Our society is more and more reliant on the developer community, which is now a cornerstone of our digital world’s infrastructure. And the future's looking good: the next generation of developers is already discovering and learning their talent in skills that are necessary in today’s world, and essential in the world of tomorrow.

Stratégie produit

Preparing the developers of tomorrow for the challenges that await them is no easy task. As such, our team endeavored to create a platform that allowed them to share their projects, to get feedback and hone their skills.

Keep it simple

The UI was designed to be as clear, simple and streamlined as possible, keeping in mind that some of the users will be very young. Precise and light workflows, visuals that are not too invasive and layouts that are not too cramped were essential to create an app easy to use and to understand.

Sharing is caring

The main goal of the platform, to allow the Makers to share their creations so that others could discover them, be inspired and provide feedback. The sharing features include a way to publish, but also to search for other projects by type, time or technology used.

A safe platform

One of the key points in development was to find a way to protect these young minds on the world wide web. The solution that presented itself was a way to allow parents to monitor the projects through their own space and login.

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