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<p>Any tech manager will tell you: managing the schedules and appointments of technicians is a real chore. As such, tools are needed to help this constant juggling between timetables, clients and reporting: tools that are also in need of constant evolution to match the needs of the industry. </p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

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A feature for every need

Each aspect of the scheduling and reporting of a technician’s work needed to be implemented in the platform. That is where Noxcod stepped in: we helped Protech in the creation of their new technician platform, to facilitate the lives of those who facilitate our use of technology. Our teams opted for a versatile infrastructure, built entirely on Bubble, to ensure that everything was accessible to the users.

Three sides were developed: a part dedicated to administrators, who can get a good overview and keep track of everyone’s work, managing plannings and orders and relaying info on every intervention. Everything the supervisors need to coordinate activities. On the other hand we have the technician side, which was designed to monitor every aspect of the interventions carried out by Protech: schedules, information about the customer’s vehicle and location, an intervention order generator, an e-signature system, and the full history of past, fulfilled orders. Finally, a third part of the platform was created, to allow shop managers to make and organize appointments. A versatile app, for a versatile profession! 

Stratégie produit

The many facets of a technician's working life present a real organizational challenge. As such, covering every aspect of management in this app was the main objective; finding ways to make the Protech technicians' lives easier.

Bubble to the rescue

More than a dozen features were implemented; we needed a technology that allowed us to juggle between modules, to make sure that we covered every need of the customer.

A triple approach

As everyone will tell you, teamwork is key. Every cog in the Protech machine has different responsibilities, and different workflows. The app was thus designed to have three different front ends, with different features.

Syncing the data

The very second a supervisor assigns an appointment, the technician has it in their schedule. The system also works the other way: a technician will get the client to sign a document, and it will be directly sent to the database. A reactive interface was needed, to make sure that all the data is transferred quickly and correctly.

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