is a platform to create scorings (quizzes). You will be able to see your ranking and share it. The platform has been made in No-Code with Bubble. Design and development was done by our team.

Learn, grow, and test yourself

Do you remember the sensation of being top of your class, the pride when you receive a good grade on a test? Well, now, you’re older, you’ve graduated, but your skills never stopped growing! is a platform that allows you to really get a sense of your level in any particular skill that can be tested online. You can then share the score you get, to showcase your competence for professional purposes. For example, you can test your no-code skills on our very own Noxcod test!

The platform had to be ergonomic and intuitive, to test yourself and share your results as easily as possible: for example, we set up a way to share on different platforms. You can highlight your scores on Facebook or in your CV on LinkedIn, or even integrate your result directly into a web page, which is very useful for freelance talents.

Not only can you test your mettle against the various tests already on the platform, but you can also create your own, for professional evaluations and friendly challenges alike.

Stratégie produit

The application was made in order to test the market quickly, so that users could post their offers in real time, as needed.

We needed the scoring (questionnaire) to be easily shared across the application and even on a web page, like a YouTube video or Facebook post (through an iframe).

15 jours pour développer et tout designer

C'est le temps total que nous avons mis pour faire le design, intégrer l'interface utilisateur et le développement du Bubble. Une vitesse record pour le développement d'une application, grâce à l'expertise avancée de notre équipe avec la technologie Bubble. Le design a été réalisé sur Figma.

Une application rapide Bubble

L'application devait être optimisée en termes de workflow Bubble et de sa base de données, car elle devait être aussi réactive que possible pour répondre à l'objectif de notre client. Le résultat est proche d'une véritable application native pour smartphone, avec un défilement et un affichage du contenu sans faille, sans faire de concessions à la plateforme web sur le bureau.

Un système intuitif et design

L'application devait être évolutive et intuitive, permettant aux utilisateurs de se concentrer sur la notation et de partager facilement leurs résultats. Le score doit permettre de mettre facilement en évidence les compétences et de les comparer à ce qui a déjà été fait.

Témoignage du client

Beyond the technical expertise, I particularly appreciated the availability, the listening, the exchanges and the flexibility of the Noxcod team. It's not just about "noxcoding" an application, it's about "humanly" accompanying the project owner. I also learned a lot with Robin and Dominique.

Cyril Bergemin
Founder at
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