Will Agent

<p>Intended as a platform for talents looking for their professional fulfillment, Will Agent was a very interesting project for NoxCod. A true statement to the flexibility of No-code technology, this innovative and practical app is the fruit of a joint effort between ours and our client’s teams.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

No-Code technologies used

We mainly exploited the flexibility of Bubble technology to develop the mainframe of the app and most of its features, while using SendGrid to build the mailing system from the ground up, and seamlessly integrate it with the rest of the processes.

Stratégie produit

This app needed to be versatile: the three kinds of users each needed to have their frontend interfaces, with custom content and reactive displays. In our approach, we endeavoured to make SEO, smart resource usage and responsive design integral parts of our workflow, to build as fast and intuitive an app as is possible.

We used several weapons in our No-code arsenal to build this multifaceted platform, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Multiple modules

This particular project required us to implement several types of modules, and adapt them to each user type: forms, matching, messaging system… You name it! As such, we made full use of all the technology at our disposal to find and integrate relevant modules to each section of the app.

Three kinds of users, one marketplace

Every user has access to his own, tailored interface; agents, recruiters and talent can find the perfect tools for their needs.

A live, reactive platform

The professional world is ever on the move, and Will Agent needed to reflect that in its user interface. We needed to make an app that moved as fast as the talents and agents it would serve, and that’s what we did.

Témoignage du client

Noxcod's Bubble expertise allowed them to make the right decisions in terms of data architecture and project organization. Noxcod's business and UX sensitivity is also valuable in their ability to make relevant decisions autonomously and to challenge the product. Finally, the team's commitment is total, as if the project they were developing was also theirs.

Pierre Fournier
Founder at Will Agents
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