Unlocking the Potential of AI with No Code

Discover how integrating AI into your No code projects can help you easily automate your tasks and make smarter decisions.

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Revolutionize Your Workflows

In recent years, both AI and No code have emerged as powerful tools for businesses and individuals looking to automate tasks and streamline workflows. But did you know that these two technologies can work together to create even more impressive results?

In short, AI can be used to enhance and improve No code solutions. For example, an AI-powered chatbot can be integrated into a No code website builder, allowing users to easily create a conversational interface that responds to customer inquiries in real-time. Similarly, AI can be used to analyze data collected through No code workflows, helping businesses make smarter decisions and optimize their processes.

Discover the AI solutions  you can implement on a No code application.

Chat GPT

We don't present it anymore, Chat GPT 3.5 is a large language model developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture.

OpenAI has recently developed a new version called GPT-4. With GPT-4's improved capabilities, it is expected to be even more advanced and capable of generating more accurate and sophisticated language models.

Chat GPT can be used to power chatbots, virtual assistants, and other conversational AI applications. With the Chat GPT API, developers can easily integrate the model's capabilities.


LangChain is an open source library that can be used by developers to create applications that rely on large language models (LLMs).

For example, you can use it for automatically translate your app, generate natural language text, such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and content creation, analyze large volumes of text data.

Stable diffusion

Stable diffusion is a text-to-image model capable to generate realistic images.

You can  use stable diffusion for a variety of purposes, such as creating artwork, generating new product designs, or even generating synthetic data for use in training machine learning models.

Control net

ControlNet is a neural network architecture used in AI image generation. It was specifically designed to control diffusion models by introducing additional conditions that provide unprecedented levels of control in the generation of new images.

The key challenge ControlNet addresses is that of spatial consistency - that is, the ability to tell an AI model which parts of an input image to keep.


Replicate is a platform that allows you to runs machine learning models in the cloud.

In a simple call API, you can install a multitude of AI solutions such as upscaling, text to image, audio generation and many others.

Our No code project with IA


Optimize recruting process

• Chat GPT integration
• Generates reports based on profiles
• Suggest questions for interviews

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Agile Project

For complex projects requiring special fittings and a unique design.
On estimation
An agile project can includes:
• A dedicated project manager
• Complete process
• Project scoping meeting
• Customized design mockups, aligned with your branding
• Payment in stages
• Trainings for autonomy
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MVP - 15 days

Ideal to test your market with a fast delivery
Starting 8000€
MVP includes:
• A dedicated project manager
• Functional Product
• 15-day development cycle
• Streamlined process

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI and No code be used by non-technical people?
Yes, we can create an application that will best meet your expectations by implementing AI-related solutions. At Noxcod, it is important for us to explain and train you on the functionalities that we put in place for your application to keep you the control of its development.
How can AI enhance No code solutions?
AI can enhance No code solutions by providing advanced capabilities such as natural language processing, data analysis, and image generation, enabling individuals and businesses to create more customized and efficient solutions.
What are some use cases for AI and No code solutions?
AI and No code solutions can be used for a variety of purposes such as customer service, data analysis, content creation, and image generation.
What are some benefits of using AI and No code solutions?
Benefits of using AI and No code solutions include increased efficiency, cost savings, and the ability to create customized solutions that meet specific business needs.
How can AI be integrated with No code applications?
AI can be integrated into applications without code via APIs or by installing solutions on your server depending on your budget and infrastructure
What is the future of AI and No code?
The future of AI and No code is bright, with the potential to transform the way businesses and individuals approach application development and automation. As AI technologies continue to improve and No code platforms become more advanced, the possibilities for innovation and creativity will only continue to grow.
So why wait?
Start exploring the world of AI and No code today, and discover what these powerful tools can do for you!

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