Complete Webflow Solutions: Expert Design, Creation, and Training

• Customised design to capture the attention of your visitors
• SEO optimization to attract more targeted traffic
• Webflow training included for autonomous management of your site
• Coaching to boost your results: conversions, leads, sales and e-reputation

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Projects we have created using Webflow

Webflow, more than a site

We have already accompanied more than 50 projects for companies of all sizes. Our expertise lies in the developments made in a short time compared to a traditional code development and a personalised support on the functional.

Expert Webflow Agency for Unique and Engaging Website Design

As a leading Webflow agency, we provide your visitors with an optimal user experience through our expertise in UX and UI design. Our custom-made visual creations will captivate your audience's attention, facilitate their navigation, and increase conversions on your site, all while keeping SEO in mind

Webflow Experts for Professional Template Integration and Peak Performance

Entrust our Webflow experts with the integration of your templates. We ensure meticulous and efficient implementation of your designs for a fast, high-performing website that drives conversions and is fully optimised for search engines

Webflow Training by Industry Experts for Complete Autonomy and Success

Gain independence with our Webflow training led by industry experts. Learn the techniques and tips to master the platform, make modifications and updates to your website with ease, and optimise your site for conversions and SEO on your own terms.

Our projects in Webflow


Website Creation

• Integration of models
• CMS content integration : Landing page, FAQ, blog, comparison table
• Training

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Website creation and art direction

• Design of the site
• Integration of the models
• CMS content integration
• Training

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What budget for your project?


Landing Page

Creation of a landing page on Webflow
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A landing page includes:
• Project framework
• UI Kit | Figma
• Wireframe UX design | Figma
• UI design mockup | Figma
• Creation of the landing page | Webflow
• 1 hour of training to maintain and update your landing


Creation of a complete website fitting your needs
Custom price
The personalized webflow project includes all the services of a showcase site as well as:
• Branding and Graphic Charter
• Custom illustrations
• Multilingual site
• SEO recommendations and audit
• Content writing
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Showcase site

Site containing: Home, Blog, Articles, Contact, 404, Cookies + 3 pages specific to your activity
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A showcase site includes:
• Project framework
• UI Kit | Figma
• Tree structure
• Wireframe UX design | Figma
• UI design mockup | Figma
• Creation of the site | Webflow
• 1 hour of training to maintain and update your site
• E-learning training for getting started with webflow Included
Let your website shine
Make your indentity memorable with webflow animations

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Noxcod as your Webflow agency?
Noxcod is the Webflow development agency that allows you to develop a website that meets your objectives and that allows you to be trained in Webflow. Noxcod guides you on all aspects of website design, interface, growth and creation. We accompany you on digital strategy and graphic creation in order to have the best possible site design. We are able to develop the UX/UI (user experience, user interface) of your website and the integration on Webflow.
What are the services offered by Noxcod on Webflow?
Noxcod offers a variety of services to suit the needs of every business. We offer :

- Creation of Webflow sites
- Redesign of existing websites
- Development of e-commerce websites
- Creation of blogs and websites with member spaces
How does the creation of a website with Noxcod work?
The process begins with an evaluation of your project and a study of your goals and issues. Once everything is validated, we develop your website. You can then modify your Webflow yourself, with the knowledge gained through the training included in each of our services.
What is the cost of developing a website with Noxcod?
The cost depends on many factors, including the level of service and support required. Prices range from €1,000 to €10,000. For complex projects requiring special adjustments and unique design, our Advanced Web Package is the best solution. This package offers flexible development, fixed pricing, delivery within 2-3 weeks, a dedicated project manager and payment in several instalments.
Does Noxcod offer Webflow coaching sessions?
Yes, Noxcod offers Webflow coaching sessions to help you develop your website, answer your questions and help you improve the responsiveness, design optimization of your product sheets and your CMS.
What kind of website can I develop with Webflow?
Webflow is a very powerful Nocode tool for the creation of a showcase or e-commerce website. It offers a large variety of features, from CMS to SEO, including e-commerce and interaction.
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