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Noxcod puts its expertise in nocode at your service to help you quickly and efficiently create your own marketplace.


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Why choose Noxcod to create my Marketplace?

Our agency specializes in the exploitation of nocode technology. With a team of seasoned experts in this field, we offer tailor-made, accessible and efficient marketplace development solutions. We compress development time without compromising quality, allowing you to launch your marketplace faster.

The choice of Noxcod is a choice for quality, proximity, integrity and ambition. It's choosing to trust a team that truly cares about understanding your needs and transforming them into a functional and efficient marketplace.

Who is a Marketplace for?

The decision to develop a marketplace is driven by several important benefits for your business.

First, a marketplace expands your audience, which maximizes your sales potential. It allows you to offer a variety of products or services without having to manufacture or buy them yourself, which diversifies your offers.

Another advantage is the efficiency and economy it offers, as you can outsource certain tasks, such as inventory and shipping management, to sellers in your marketplace. In addition, it represents an excellent marketing opportunity to attract new customers. Finally, it improves your customers' online shopping experience with easy comparison of products and sellers, as well as a wide choice of products.

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Our experience in creating Marketplaces

Expertise and innovation: Our team has deep expertise in building marketplaces. We know the latest innovations and market trends to offer you an advanced solution.

Speed and efficiency: Thanks to nocode technology, we reduce development time without compromising the performance or quality of your marketplace.

Personalization: Each marketplace we develop is unique and precisely adjusted to the needs and objectives of your business.

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Laurie Nicolas
Bubble Developer
Robin Fouratier
CTO, Co-Founder
Dominique Silvestre
CEO, Co-Founder

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What is a Marketplace?

A Marketplace is an online platform that connects sellers and buyers, thus facilitating the completion of commercial transactions. With popular examples like Amazon for physical products, Uber for city trips, and Airbnb for accommodation, the marketplace offers an efficient and modern way to expand your online presence and increase your sales.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can Noxcod help me create my Marketplace?

Noxcod uses the power of nocode tools like Bubble to grow your marketplace. Our team works closely with you to understand your needs, create a tailored solution and support you throughout the process.

What are the costs associated with creating a Marketplace with Noxcod?

Costs vary depending on the specific needs and complexity of your project. We discuss this in detail during our free 30-minute consultation to give you an accurate quote.

What are the benefits of creating a Marketplace?

A Marketplace can help you reach a wider audience, diversify your offer, save time and money, acquire new customers and improve your users' shopping experience.

How to create a Marketplace like Etsy?

Creating a Marketplace in nocode, similar to Etsy, requires a well-defined strategy and the use of appropriate tools. At Noxcod, we use Bubble, a powerful nocode tool perfectly suited for this process.

Definition of needs: We identify your specific objectives to create a marketplace that meets your expectations, while taking Etsy as a reference model.

Design and development: Thanks to Bubble, we create the design of your Marketplace and develop all the necessary functionalities, taking inspiration from the best aspects of Etsy.

Tests and launch: Before launching your marketplace, we carry out rigorous tests to ensure that it works properly. After adjustments, your Etsy-like, but one-of-a-kind marketplace is ready to go.

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