PDF Maker - Bubble Plugin

A Bubble Plugin to generate a PDF from Bubble.


The template source is from the PDF element's field.

→ There are 3 actions here : Open, Download, Print (no option to upload to somewhere. We may add it later).


1) Generate PDF :

  • This action required 3 parameters which are templates, home URL (which is for uploading to bubble app storage), enable upload to bubble app).
  • If you enable uploads to bubble app, it will be uploaded on to bubble's storage, and otherwise, it will be uploaded to aws s3 bucket which is configured in plugin's setting.
  • If upload to bubble app is not enabled AND aws keys are not given, it will be failed.

2) Download PDF :

→ Here we download the pdf generated from the previous action-- if it's uploaded to bubble app, it won't be downloaded(not yet figured out), if it's uploaded s3, it works.

Additionally, we may add some more actions later.