TikTok Swipe On Repeating Group


This plugin helps you to create Tiktok-like swiper experience on your Repeating Groups in vertical and horizontal directions.

TikTok swipe plugin

TikTok swipe:

It's compatible with both old and new responsive engines.

Demo Page:


Instructions :

  1. Go to Settings → General of your application and expose the option to add ID attributes to HTML elements.
  2. Place the element “TikTok Swiper” on your page.
  3. Add unique element IDs to your repeating group that should be targeted.
  4. Specify the ID of RG, and the orientation for the “TikTok Swiper” Element.
  5. Orientation of the RG should match with the orientation of the “TikTok Swiper”, and otherwise, the plugin won't work.
  6. Make sure the RG has a fixed height or width.(Please have a look at the demo app).
  7. Make sure the repeating group and “TikTok Swiper” elements are visible at the same time.

Tinder swipe plugin

Tinder swipe:

You can find the Tinder swipe plugin in the same link :

Demo Page:


The instructions are the same for both plugins

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