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Noxcod shares its expertise with you to help you create your application with Dittofi.


Why choose Noxcod as a Dittofi agency?

Noxcod is a Dittofi and no code agency that allows you to develop an application to reach your business goals.

Noxcod guides and advises you on all questions of design, interfacing, and growth of your app.

Who is the Dittofi agency?

Dittofi agency for a management application

You want to allow your employees to better manage their tasks or you want to automate part of your processes?

With Noxcod and Dittofi, you can launch a business application in only a few weeks and train your employees to make it evolve easily.

Dittofi agency to create your CRM

Dittofi is certainly one of the most interesting tools to launch an CRM.

Build your CRM that fits your needs and that will be built according to your desires.

With the support of Noxcod, you can launch your application in a few weeks on Dittofi!

Dittofi agency to better communicate with your customers

You think it's great that big companies like Amazon, Uber, La redoute, Vinted have mobile applications to better communicate with their customers?

With Dittofi, you can, like Amazon, launch your application to sell your products directly from the phone of your customers.

In collaboration with Noxcod, you can launch a mobile application on Dittofi in a few days!

We respond to all requests, but what is our method we use to do so?





Our experience with Dittofi

We have already accompanied more than 100 projects for companies of all sizes. Our expertise lies in the developments made in a short time compared to a traditional code development and a personalized accompaniment on the functional. Having completed a variety of projects allows us to make recommendations on functional best practices to reduce development time.

Our experts
Dominique Silvestre
CEO, Co-Founder

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What is Dittofi?

Dittofi is a low code website and application builder, including a back-end tool and secure code export. It comes with many tutorials as well as a template library and physical and online training.

Why choose Dittofi?

The real strengths of Dittofi are its scalable back-end which is very large, almost limitless and the application customisation is total. It is a complete tool, suitable for any size of company, but is also consequently more complicated.

‍If you need, Noxcod is able to help you master the tool.

The features offered Dittofi

Dittofi offers 6 main types of features:

  • Custom code & integrations
  • Work with UX & UI experts to build great experiences for your customers.
  • Design a database structure for your app that is extensible, fast & secure.
  • Detect, understand & eliminate weaknesses in your apps security.
  • Customize a template : Begin with a robust, pre-built app template & collaborate with an expert to tailor it to your specific needs & preferences.
  • Platform migrations : move all (or just part of) your app from another platform to Dittofi.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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