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Noxcod shares its know-how to assist you in creating your no-code application with Power Apps consulting services.


Why Choose Noxcod as your Power Apps Agency?

As a Power Apps development company, Noxcod enables you to develop applications tailored to your objectives.

Our Power Apps consultants guide and advise on all aspects of design, interface, growth, and application creation.

Who Can Benefit from Power Apps Development Company Services?

Employee Feedback Management Application

Create an employee feedback management application with our Power Apps consulting services to measure performance, skills, and engagement. This can help identify potential areas for improvement and provide essential feedback.

Employee Learning Management System

Our Power Apps development company can help you set up a learning management system for employees, essential for guiding employees in improving their skills. It can be quickly built and customized to your business needs.

Employee Helpdesk Application

Make Power Apps work for you by developing an employee helpdesk application that facilitates interdepartmental communication, tracking, and resolution of employee queries.

Instant Quote Generator

Use Power Apps to create an instant quote generator that automates the process of creating personalized quotes for customers, saving time and effort.

Inventory Management

Our Power Apps consultants can help you set up an inventory management application to check, track, and manage stocks with pre-integrated code scanners.

Daily Task List Application

Make Power Apps streamline your daily tasks by creating a daily task list application to help employees effectively manage their time.

Site Inspection Application

Our Power Apps development company can help you develop an application for site inspections, cataloging instances with images, location pins, site details, and more.

Interview Process Application

Make Power Apps simplify your hiring process by creating an application to manage the interview process, showing positions, candidate profiles, and allowing team members to provide feedback.

Staff Leave Management Application

With Power Apps development, create an application where employees, superiors, and HR can easily track leaves.

Employee Onboarding Application

Use Power Apps to create a platform that tracks all activities performed when a new employee joins the organization.

How Do We Develop Your Power Apps?

We respond to all requests, but what is our method we use to do so?





How Do We Develop Your Power Apps?

Framing: Our Power Apps consultants assess your challenges, goals, and expectations for your application.

Design: Based on your input, we develop a prototype.

Development: Once the prototype is validated, we develop your application.

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What is Power Apps?

Power Apps is a Microsoft suite that empowers you to build custom business applications without extensive coding. As part of Power Apps development, you can swiftly make apps that are compatible with mobile and web platforms, and connect to a range of data sources including SharePoint, SQL Server, and other cloud services.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to make Power Apps from scratch?

To make Power Apps, initiate by accessing the Power Apps Studio. You have the choice to craft an app from the ground up or utilize existing templates. Subsequently, use the drag-and-drop feature to incorporate controls, media, forms, and other components. Connect your app to data sources and incorporate logic using Power Automate. After designing, save and publish so it's accessible to your organization.

How to use Power Apps for your business?

To leverage Power Apps consulting, sign in with your Microsoft account. Once inside, kickstart your app creation through the Power Apps Studio. Opt from a variety of templates, employ the drag-and-drop interface, and establish connections to diverse data sources. Customize your app's aesthetics, integrate workflows, and publish the app for your organization’s use.

How does Microsoft Power Apps pricing function?

Microsoft Power Apps presents diverse pricing alternatives, which is crucial to understand for Power Apps consulting. There’s a per-user plan where each user incurs a monthly fee to operate limitless apps. Additionally, there’s a per-app plan where users are charged monthly for each app they employ. Microsoft also extends a Power Apps Community Plan which is free but is intended for learning and testing.

What capabilities does Power Apps development offer?

With Power Apps development, you can fabricate tailor-made business applications for an array of purposes including data entry, reporting, task management, and more. Construct apps that establish connections to various data sources, mechanize workflows, and streamline business procedures. Power Apps development allows you to create systems such as employee feedback, inventory management, helpdesk applications, and much more.

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