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Noxcod shares its expertise with you to help you create your Backend with Xano.


Why chose Noxcod as your Xano agency ?

Noxcod is a Xano and No code agency that allows you to develop your application backend that fits your goals.

Noxcod guides and advises you on all questions of design, interfacing, and growth of your backend app.

How do we develop your Xano Backend ?

We respond to all requests, but what is our method we use to do so?


We take stock of your problems, your objectives, and your expectations regarding your Backend.


Based on what you have told us, we develop a prototype.


When you validate the prototype, we develop your Xano backend.


Our experience with Xano no code tool

More than 5 years of experience on No code development

We have already supported more than 100 projects for companies of all sizes. Our expertise lies in the developments carried out in a concise period of time compared to traditional code development and personalized support on the functional.

Many accompanied projects allow us to make recommendations on the best functional practices to reduce development time. You can read our complete review of Xano if you want to know what is Xano.

Analysis & Brainstorming

We will review all the features of your project. The objective will be to understand the platform or application and to choose the most appropriate NoCode technology.

In addition to the technological recommendation, we will advise you on functional choices to accelerate the platform’s development or application.

Design & Architecture

Many of our clients come with an idea and a concept. We are able to help you with the UI and UX of your application in order to quickly develop your application.

Realization & Support

Before all our developments, we always carry out user flows and also a database diagram. All our clients emphasize that we do not only develop, but we work on your project as if it was our project.

A Multidisciplinary Team

We accompany your Xano project on developing your Backends.

Our developers can also help you by guiding you through the process.

To build the user experience of your application. From functionality to your database, everything will be developed with our expert developers.

We can also train your team to take over the software and application.

Before starting each project, we will advise you among the different no-code technologies we can work with.

Our experts
Tiago Madeira
FlutterFlow and Bubble Developer
Robin Fouratier
CTO, Co-Founder

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What is Xano?

According to Xano’s website, it gives users “a server and a scalable backend, a flexible database, and a No-Code API builder that can transform, filter, and integrate with data from anywhere.”

The website also details how the platform was initially built as an internal tool for an app development agency, 8 years ago. Xano was created to help the agency accelerate the pace of backend development without having a brigade of DevOps teams. Later on, the co-founders finally decided to launch the platform to the public. Ever since Xano has become one of the most versatile, reliable, and easily accessible no-code development platforms.

Xano is not just your regular no-code development platform as it offers a lot of features ranging from scalable server to API deployment to project management to even database management. It can also power the backend of other kinds of development projects, like IoT. It’s a multitasker.

The no code tool is ideal for data processing and data management of business applications. It is one of the best tools for managing the backend of your applications.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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