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5 free APIs for your NoCode app

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March 5, 2021

When developing a no-code app, one often needs to refer to external data to enrich its database. We have selected 5 APIs (you can take a peek at this if you ask “What’s an API?”) for this article, which you’ll be able to see in action in Adalo or Bubble apps. In this article, you’ll learn how to create an app like Yuka, or even a weather app without a single line of code

Do not hesitate to comment if you’d like to see other free API in action.

Open Food Facts 

Open Food Facts provides tons of info on food products. You can search directly with the barcode of the product. You can get info such as ingredients, allergens, nutritional value, and much more info usually present on labels. The Open Food Facts API can help you make better choices for your diet, or even encourage food manufacturers to propose healthier alternatives.

No-Code app ideas to develop with the Open Food Facts API

Inspiration for your No-Code App

Link to the Open Food Facts API

Link to the Bubble demo app

Bubble Demo – OpenFoodFacts


Note: this application cannot be developed on Adalo, as we are not yet able to scan barcodes.

SIRENE database of French companies

This database allows you to access all the legal info of French companies. This API from OpenDataSoft gets its data directly from INSEE on their website and allows you to get legal data from every registered company in France. You can do research and consult the registrations. Among the info available: addresses, creation date, categories, main activities, etc. 

No-code app ideas to develop with the SIRENE API

Link to the Base Sirene V3 API

Base Siren V3 API Lin

Link to the Bubble demo app

Bubble Demo – SIRENE API


Link to the Adalo demo app


Note: as you perhaps noticed, the API only works for research. There is currently a bug on the Adalo side on data reception. It has been reported, and is being resolved on their end.

Open Beauty Facts 

Just as with Open Food Facts, Open Beauty Facts can provide you with all the info on cosmetic products. Open Beauty Facts allows you to understand better the product you’re looking to buy, or are currently using. You’ll be able to look up the ingredients, the additives, the labels and lots of other info.

No-code app ideas to develop with the Open Beauty Facts API

Link to the Open Beauty Facts API

Link to the Bubble demo app

Bubble Demo – OpenBeatyFacts API


COVID-19 Data for France

The data is coming straight from Santé publique France. It is updated daily, and keep you in the loop regarding the spread of COVID-19 in France. Hospital data is updated every day by department.

Link to the OpenDataSoft –  Epidemic-related hospital data in France

Link to the No-Code demo app

Bubble Demo – COVID-19 Data for France


Weather Data - Free Weather API

This API from OpenWeather is one that provides weather-related data. The OpenWeather API will allow you to know the weather in real-time in a city, as well as an hourly and a 5-day forecast. The weather data from OpenWeather is available for locations around the world. 

No-Code app ideas to develop with the OpenWeather API

Link to the OpenWeather –  One Call API

You’ll need to create an account to use the API, but you can try it for free. 

Link to the No-Code Demo weather app

Bubble Demo – OpenWeather API


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