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Illuminating the Future of No-Code with BubbleCon

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November 7, 2023

Welcome to BubbleCon 2023: Discover the Future of No-Code Development!

Illuminating the Future of No-Code with Bubble's Keynote

Today focus will be the highly-awaited Founder Keynote at BubbleCon 2023 by Bubble's founders, Josh and Emmanuel. The Keynote highlighted the exciting new features Bubble is developing to leverage AI and mobile application development - shaping the future of no-code in a phenomenal way.

Bubble's Journey and Vision

Bubble has seen considerable growth over the past decade, evolving from a nascent concept to an ecosystem boasting users in almost every country and hosting over 3.3 million apps. At the heart of this growth lies the community - their curiosity, hunger, and ambition - a testament to Bubble's essence as more than just a product.

Today’s no-code landscape is remarkably different from what it was when Bubble started. Key trends have emerged, and Bubble not only identifies these trends but aims to lead by example in capitalizing on them.

Growth and Scaling

Bubble's initial vision was to provide a platform that would span a user's journey from Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to Initial Public Offering (IPO). The growth of Synthflow AI, a Bubble-born startup, encapsulates this vision perfectly. In just six months, Synthflow AI built its initial app version on Bubble, garnered over 7,000 users, raised $1.8 million in seed funding, and continued to grow - an exemplar of the scalability potential that Bubble offers.

To meet the growing needs of such ambitious ventures, last month, Bubble launched Bubble for Enterprise, bolstering its data privacy provisions and enhancing its SOC 2 Type II compliance standards.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Bubble believes that AI is the future of software development, sharing the same vision with AI to enable all creators to leverage technology and accelerate the development process. They are implementing AI tools that will allow users to design sleek web pages, generate page layouts, and speed up expressions, data, and workflows. For Bubble, merging no-code with AI is all about making software creation faster, more intuitive, and accessible to all.

Democratization of Technology

Democratization lies at the core of Bubble's mission: to make technology accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or location. Bubble's user base has grown tenfold since it first raised capital, and budding communities have emerged in Brazil, India, and France. Through Bubble, founders are building their dream companies and solutions in less time and with fewer resources. One such inspiring example is the French non-profit, Mon Project de Naissance, which built a resource-packed website during the COVID pandemic to assist expecting mothers.

Supercharging Design, Data, and Logic: Bubble’s New Features

What sets Bubble apart from other no-code platforms is its ability to unite the powers of design, data, and logic. Bubble is investing in making these features more flexible, creative, and intuitive, aligning robust design, data, and logic capabilities within a secure, scalable, and reliable platform. Let's dive into the top product announcements from BubbleCon 2023's Keynote address.

Building Native Mobile Apps

Responding to their community's most requested feature, Bubble is rolling out the ability to build native mobile apps. Native mobile apps on Bubble will integrate with your existing web apps and share the same databases, backend APIs, and logic.

AI-Powered Design, Data, and Logic

Bubble is introducing a system for creating and designing Bubble page layouts using AI. The tool enables the creation of custom-designed layouts for new or existing apps within seconds, speeding up the design process tremendously.

Bulk Data Operations

Bubble will soon offer bulk operations to run backend workflows on millions of things, providing performance improvements and mimicking capabilities that were previously only possible with native code.

Reimagined Expression Composer

Bubble's visual programming language has already empowered users to build customizable apps without writing a line of code. Now, Bubble is implementing an upgrade to make the logic-building process even more intuitive and powerful.

Returning Data from Custom Events

Custom events will now have the ability to return data, making workflow tabs cleaner and apps easier to maintain and organize.

Bubble's new features and its apparent commitment to AI and mobile application development underline its leadership role in advancing the no-code movement. These advancements also pave the way for exciting future applications in no-code development.

Noxcod is dedicated to helping businesses maximize the power of No Code - through training, coaching, or even creating custom applications for you.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in our next edition of No-Code News. As always, happy coding.

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