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News Nocode June 2022

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June 2, 2022

What's new in June 2022 ?

Another month full of novelty in the nocodesphere. This month we highlight the Figma Conference and two discoveries of the month rather practical for Bubble users. Of course we mention all the new features of Weweb, Airtable, FlutterFlow, Bubble, Notion, Softr and Webflow.

Figma : Config 2022

The Figma 2022 conference was the event of the month in the world of No code. They presented us many improvements that we love but especially our UX/UI designers. Now it's up to us to summarize each new feature in one line:


  • Dark mode : A dark mode to take care of your eyes
  • Variable fonts : It's up to you to choose between a thin and elegant font or an imposing and charismatic font.

Auto layaout :

  • Canva Controle : Free control of the elements in the design part
  • Negative space : You want to overlay or move your elements away from each other and well it's possible with the new update of auto-layaout
  • Absolute position : Select and move your elements without position constraint with the absolute position.

  • Component properties : A more fluid and easier customization with the component properties
  • Individual strokes : it was always a challenge to regulate the proportions of your separator lines
  • Spring animation : Even more customizable animation
  • Password Protection: More privacy on your private and professional projects.
  • Favorite files: It helps you to keep your favorite little designs on hand.
  • Widget Code Generator plugin: Allows you to configure your design in one click
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Always more keyboard shortcuts for even more productivity.
  • Reciew states: Allows you to approve the update, comment on the design


  • And finally some new FigJam features:
  • Spotlight : Allows you to have a guide in your FigJam files
  • Widget Jira, Asana, GitHub : To plan your actions
  • Widget celebrate : Greeting cards or voice memos are now available on FigJam.

As I told you there are a lot of new features that have been announced. And so that it's not too heavy to take, I innovated with a new format lister which allows to soften the mass of information.


For Weweb, no conference is planned yet, but the teams are still working on new features that you will like.

They have developed a new Xano plugin. A complete Native integration with Xano that allows you to create the collections you want.


It also integrates new custom settings for pagination. They allow for example to paginate your backend and reduce the number of elements loaded by a page.


At Airtable some new features have been implemented.

Interface : New fields and elements

They have improved their interface, it is now more powerful and simpler, with the addition of the calendar element, the ability to duplicate block constituents and the addition of button elements which makes the tool more interactive.


A new field has been implemented, sharing with collaborators. You can notify them and mention them. It is also possible to mention non-collaborators. You can limit their actions and select what will be visible or not.

Airtable X Miro

It also announces the arrival of a new integration, Miro, which allows you to connect your brainstorming to databases, this allows us to transform brainstorming into concrete plans. This data synchronization can save your teams time and allow you to be more efficient.


New functionality to create and realize more manageable automations. New visuals, ability to preview, test the automation and your dependencies in some click. Automation is now more precise.

It will soon be possible to manage all your automations, your tests, your improvements in one click.




FlutterFlow offers us several small improvements. You can now preconfigure color themes. It also integrates the sub-collections which allow to order your documents in a hierarchical way. It also adds dynamic links, it allows to direct any users to a defined location on your application.



Three new widgets have also been implemented. The first is the addition of line graphs. They are customizable and allow you to add features just as customizable.

The second, allows you to put in one click a shifted view, a view that can be found on several social networks like Instagram or Pinterest.

The last new widget allows you to ensure the BtoB with a signature widget that can be downloaded.


Bubble shares with us this month's update and reveals their new feature: drag and drop which works on the editor canvas. But also a new user interface for opting into experimental features. Moreover, they increase their after-sales service by offering a level 1 service open 24 hours a day.


Notion develops its integrations. It adds visuals of Pitch, GRID, HEX and Amplitude files. The files can be modified in real time. For GRID for example, graphics and calculators are interactive on Notion.


It also adds Census, Rootly and integrations. Notion integrates more and more tools and allows us to continuously enrich our workspace.

Now you can create your own overview links with Notion API. This dynamic link will be visible every time your link is shared on Notion.


Now let's talk about Softr :

New Feature

They are launching a new feature, the Startup Founders Community that works on an invite-only basis and allows you to grow your network and create events.

To improve the community, they also add a collaboration component. A simple comment space that can be kept by recording notes and that will allow us to have feedback directly on the platform. The component is synchronizable with Airtable which will allow to store the comments in a database.


Softr develops a new setting in the signup blocks. You can now restrict subscriptions to specific email domains.

They also allow us to remove magic links when they are no longer useful to you.


We quickly present you the new features of Webflow.


It adds a new feature for roles. It allows you to limit the access of each designer and collaborator you add.



Webflow improve the loading time of the CMS publications of your sites. A very important point that made us lose a lot of time every time we wanted to publish something new on our site.


They have also improved the deletion options and allow us to delete an element without having to reload your entire site.

The last new feature is the improvement of the IDs. The Webflow teams have developed an option to detect repetitive IDs in your website elements. No more unwanted duplicate IDs, they are identified immediately and avoid possible bugs.

Discoveries of the month : AtomicFusion & NocodeDatabase

This month we have not one but two discoveries of mine. Two extension tools to They allow to improve your development performances.

Atomic Fusion

Atomic Fusion is a freemium tool that allows you to store and share your development components and designs with your collaborators. It is the ultimate library that allows you to continuously improve your work.

Atomic Fusion

Nocode Data bases

Nocode Databases is a tool that develops predefined database models. It allows creating of applications that can be improved more and more quickly. Here is an example of what Nocode Database can do :


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