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No code News April 2023 : Bubble pricing, AI Gen...

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April 12, 2023

Welcome to the No code news of April 2023 ! This month, we're on the hunt for the latest news in the world of No code. Discover the latest trends in No code tools!

Bubble: prices are rising

Bubble has announced significant changes to its pricing that will take effect on May 1ᵉʳ, 2023. The new pricing structure will focus on usage, with a more generous free version and more specific paid plans for different stages of application development. The new pricing model focuses on “workload,” which measures the work Bubble does to power the application. If customers need more workload than is included in their package, they can purchase additional workload tiers, use pay-per-use overages or cap their total spend.

For existing customers, they will have the choice of staying on their current plan with a 10% rate increase through October 2024 or switching to the new plans as early as May 1, 2023. However, many existing customers will see a 2x to 5x price increase due to the new workload-based pricing model. Agency plans will also see a price increase.


The first new feature of the month at Flutterflow is AI Gen (Beta), an AI dedicated to building applications.

Just write your vision (for example, “an event details page with an art deco style calendar”) and let AI Gen do the work. In a few moments, AI Gen will generate a beautifully designed template tailored to meet your specifications. You can then import the page into your FlutterFlow project for further customization.

Other new features this month include:

  • Backend Query Caching: a feature that caches backend queries to improve performance and reduce cloud costs.
  • Set / Reset Widget States: actions to reset or modify form fields, making it easier to submit multiple forms or handle errors.
  • Read Only Project Access: allows you to give someone read-only access to a project, without giving them the ability to modify it.
  • Generate Theme Colors From An Image: a feature to extract colors from an image and use them as custom colors for the application theme.
  • Additional Custom Domains: possibility to buy additional custom domains for web publishing.
  • Upload Any File Type: Allows you to upload and save any type of file.
  • Change Background Color For Testing: possibility to change the background color in testing mode to make the application easier to see.

  • New theme widgets: allow to define a style/variation for most widgets and reuse it throughout the application.
  • Drop-down menu with search functionality: allows users to quickly and easily search and filter items from a long list.
  • Major upgrades to theme settings and team components.
  • Custom code in team components – allows custom functions and actions to be used in shared components.
  • Action upgrades: added powerful new features, such as callback settings in custom actions, the action to clear the request cache, and the ability to trigger actions when a component loads.

Noxcod : Marketplace

You may have already noticed, but we have opened our marketplace on our site.

Inside, you can find some templates, plugins and tools that we have developed for you.

For the moment, the marketplace is still under development, but there are already a lot of nice things like :

  • The very first NoxTemplate Webflow, which allows you to start developing your Webflow site from a solid, dynamic base with a nice graphic design.
  • And the NoxATS tool that allows you to optimize and manage your recruitments thanks to an AI.


Here are the new features of Webflow:

  • A feature that allows you to add animations created in Adobe After Effects directly to Webflow using dotLottie files.
  • Filters for your site history, allowing you to customize the type of activity to be seen based on authors, custom codes, branch events, etc.
  • A new “list” button also allows you to navigate directly to the items impacted by a class change.
  • New keyboard shortcuts and context menu options to wrap an element in a div or link block, simplifying a common workflow among designers.
  • New viewport width and height units in CSS (small, large and dynamic) to give designers additional flexibility when designing websites for visitors using mobile browsers and interacting with dynamic toolbars. These new CSS units ensure that fixed elements are not cut off by a toolbar on mobile devices.


Some improvements at Airtable as well:

  • Creating repetitive workflows with record templates
  • Directly add fields to interfaces when creating them
  • Quick search for needed records with a new search bar
  • Limiting the ability to share interfaces for increased security
  • New API and administration capabilities for better data protection and control, including new authentication methods and security insights for administrators.


Here are the new features of Notion:

  • Created buttons to automate manual tasks such as submitting bug reports or concept papers with pre-populated information
  • Added over 2000 integrations with other applications such as Mixpanel and PagerDuty
  • Ability to integrate content from these applications into Notion
  • New page icons to better contextualize pages, with over 200 new icons and the ability to change multiple icons at once.

Discovery of the month : Framer

source :

The discovery of the month is Framer, a tool that competes with Webflow in the design of a website in No code.

This technology allows you to create your website with an interface that looks like Figma's, which makes the tool ideal for web design. Framer is quite complete, rather practical and easy to use.

If we continue to compare Framer to Webflow, we should know that its packages are less important than those of Webflow. Let me explain: Framer's packages are limited and are better suited for showcase sites and landing pages. Moreover, the CMS collections are limited to 10 collections per site for the professional package. Finally, the tool is not made for e-commerce.

Despite this, the tool remains very efficient whether it is for page optimization, site maintenance or plugin integration.

That's all for the No code news of April 2023, we'll see you next month with, we hope, as many great news.

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