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No code News August 2023: Airtable, Flutterflow, Zapier, Bubble, Xano, Softr and Glide

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August 11, 2023

Welcome to the No code news for August! Summer is in full swing, but the no code world isn't taking a break. Discover the latest updates and features from the most popular tools. Happy reading!

Airtable: New Interfaces and View Improvements

Airtable continues to innovate with three major updates this month:

  • Mobile interfaces on iPhone: Airtable has introduced mobile interfaces for iPhone, allowing users to access and manage their databases on the go with an optimized experience.
  • Create, delete, and modify records online: Users can now create, delete, and modify records directly from the grid view without having to open a separate record.
  • New grouping for list view: This update offers better organization of records by grouping them by field, making data visualization and management easier.

Zapier: Introduction of " Notes "

Zapier has launched "Notes", a new feature that allows users to quickly take notes and integrate them into their automated workflows. It's a great way to keep track of important tasks or share information with the team.

Bubble: Azure OpenAI Integration and Developer Certification

  • New Table Element: Bubble introduced a new table element, allowing users to create interactive tables directly within their application. This element offers flexibility in displaying data, with sorting, searching, and pagination options.
  • Developer Certification: For those looking to showcase their Bubble development expertise, the platform has launched a certification program. This certification covers topics such as data structure, reusable elements, and privacy rules. Certified developers will be highlighted on Bubble's website, offering additional recognition for their expertise.
  • Azure OpenAI Integration: In collaboration with Azure, Bubble introduced a plugin that allows businesses to easily integrate OpenAI models into their applications. This paves the way for features like automated chatbots, content creation, and much more.

Flutterflow: Major Update with New Features

Flutterflow has made significant updates to its platform:

  • Firebase Integration: Flutterflow has strengthened its integration with Firebase, offering users more options for storing and managing their data.
  • New Animations: The platform also introduced new animations, allowing creators to add smooth and professional transitions to their apps.
  • User Interface Improvements: Flutterflow made several improvements to its interface, making app creation even more intuitive.

Xano: New Features for an Enhanced Development Experience

Xano unveiled several new features this month:

  • Reorganize, disable, and clone filters: Increase your development speed by reorganizing, disabling, or cloning filters as you would with functions.
  • Convert a partial function stack into a custom function: Reuse a partial function stack in your workspace.
  • Improved branch and data source management: Set color schemes to clearly separate production and test environments.
  • Google Cloud Storage: Easily interact with your Google Storage Buckets directly in your Xano function stack.
  • Real-time collaboration in the database: See where your teammates are editing and update the spreadsheet view in real time.

Softr: Customized Emails and Improved User Experience

Well-known for facilitating the creation of customized web applications, Softr has released some exciting updates this month:

Customize Emails: Adding a personal touch to your interaction with your app users has just become simpler! You can now customize the transactional emails sent to your app users. Tailor your subject line and email body while leveraging variables to deliver relevant content catered to each user.

Improved Preview Mode: This new feature enhances the way you can appraise your app's usability from different user perspectives. It's a boon to checkpoints on specific visibility and action permissions, permitting you to refine changes and garner feedback before rolling it out.

Data Refresh on Charts: Charts on Softr will now reflect the time since the last refresh of information. In edit mode, sampled data is brought up to speed in near real-time, while in preview and live modes, it refreshes every 15 minutes. Plus, you can manually refresh the data in preview mode to conveniently test your apps.

Glide: Image Carousel and SSO in Beta

  • Image Carousel: With the redesigned Image component, display arrays as image carousels.
  • SSO in Beta: Glide now supports SAML and OIDC protocols to integrate with your organization's existing identity tools.

Other News of August

New Episode of Nox Makers Podcast in September

Stay tuned for our upcoming episode of the Nox Makers podcast in September. We'll be diving deep into the world of no code and discussing the latest trends, tools, with another founded that succeeded by using Nocode Tools. Don't forget to follow our YouTube channel to ensure you don't miss the release!

Discovery of the Month:

Noodl website

Noodl is revolutionizing the low-code platform scene by going open source. Designed to accelerate development with the power of AI, Noodl offers a full-stack, enterprise-ready solution that's both visually intuitive and powerful. From marketing campaigns to data-heavy SaaS apps and experimental interfaces, if you can think it, you can build it with Noodl.

Noodl's node-based approach provides the same flexibility as traditional coding without the steep learning curve. It's optimized for creating apps where custom experiences, data control, features, and functionality are paramount. With built-in hosting options, compliance solutions, and a range of features to bring your vision to life, Noodl is the tool of choice for startups, agencies, and enterprises alike.

Hear from CEOs and founders like Rasmus Ekberg of Prodikt and Grégoire Démogé of Salesramp, who have leveraged Noodl to bring their innovative platforms to life. With success stories ranging from early MVPs to securing funding and achieving rapid product growth, Noodl is setting new standards in the low-code platform industry.


August was a month rich in innovations in the no code world. These tools continue to evolve, offering non-technical users the ability to create, manage, and optimize their projects without needing coding skills. At Noxcod, we're thrilled to see this continued growth and look forward to what next month will bring.

See you next month for more No code news!

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