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No code News March 2023 : Big update, Big Table, Big Event

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March 15, 2023

Hello and welcome to the March No code news. It's almost spring and with it comes cherry blossoms, plenty of vitamin D, and it's the perfect time to sprout new ideas from No Code tools. Today, you can take your first sunbath with the news of Flutterflow, Webflow, Make, Notion, and Glide.

News briefly


The SVB (Silicone Valley Bank) went bankrupt. It was one of the banks that managed the funds of companies like Bubble and Xano. Today, these two companies have not been too affected. But, this event, due to the fallout of Covid-19, has been the talk of the No code community for the last few days.

Event : The No-code week

For those who want to join the summer heat in advance and chat about No code, we recommend you the No code week. A 100% No code event, during one week in Barcelona. We let you know more about the No code week here.


  • AI generated custom actions : OpenAI Codex integration has been updated, you can now create custom actions using this tool. You just have to say a type of action you need to codex, for example “Download PDF from URL and save locally”, and a code will be automatically generated. All you have to do is use it.
  • Project activity logs for teams: the history is automatically saved on Flutterflow. For Teams users, this feature is limited to 7 days. You can view your activity log under Settings and Integrations > Collaboration.
  • Storyboard Beta: View overall design and navigation, map screens and user integrations, make sure your app is UX/UI friendly, ferret out navigation issues. The Beta version is optimized for 30 pages or fewer. To view the storyboard of a project, select the new Storyboard icon in the left navigation menu.
  • The folder structure is fully customizable and visible in the code. To use it in your project, go to Application Details> Folder Organization> Select the Enable updated folder structure toggle.

  • Test mode update: 30 minutes session with time indicator, even after 30 minutes you can still interact with the app.
  • Simplified user account deletion in Firebase: Actions > Firebase Authentication > Delete User.
  • Rule added in Firebase to simplify deletion of collection and user data: option available in settings.
  • Action OnToggle: makes the setup of icons easier.
  • You can put a profile picture.
  • Set multiple fields on a variable in the Set From Variable flow.

A lot of new features again, they also wrote an interesting tutorial article that allows you to integrate ChatGPT in a Flutterflow app.


  • Workspace Creator: simplified URL format : change from{handle} to{handle}
  • Variable Front Full Control: quickly control and identify variables fonts and quickly configure variants. Now, font groups are grouped into “Site Fonts” or “Default Fonts” and simplify the way designers determine which fonts they have added versus the default fonts.
  • Collaborative Space Work: set a default workspace, to simplify your navigation to your work.


The novelty of Make is the Custom Functions: the functions of Make allow you to transform data, you could create them, and today you can customize them. To know more about these “Custom functions”.

Capture d’écran 2023-03-14 à 10.27.22.png


  • AI is now available for everyone and also on mobile.
  • Notion to WordPress: Integrating Notion to WordPress, you will be able to create great websites and manage them directly on Notion. The plugin can export and synchronize any Notion database, page, and content to your website, without Zapier or Make.


Glide finally integrates a database to its platform. You can import and export your data directly on “Big Tables” (export can be in CSV).

Discovery of the month: Teleport

Teleport is a tool that allows you to collaborate and create websites in Low code. You can easily design in different ways:

  • In low code, with or without collaboration on the platform,
  • Using a code AI (OpenAi),
  • From a static site generator
  • Or thanks to the plugin that allows you to export your Figma designs in HTML format using Teleport HQ Design to Code

The tool is complete and already has a large community.

Here is a small video that presents the tool:

That's all for the No code news of March 2023, we'll see you next month with, we hope, as much great news.

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