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No Code News October 2023: Latest Insights on Webflow, Bubble, Adalo, Softr, Framer, Make, and Flutter flow

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October 29, 2023

Welcome to the October edition of No-Code News ! This month, we have some exciting updates from Framer, Make, Softr, Adalo, Web  


Webflow, known for its professional-grade websites, has introduced several powerful features. One standout feature is its integration with Spline, which allows users to create stunning 3D designs and animations directly within Webflow's intuitive platform. This integration opens up a whole new dimension of creativity for designers, unlocking the potential for visually stunning and dynamic websites.  

Another noteworthy update from Webflow is its new localization capabilities. Businesses can now easily expand globally with native machine-powered translation and customizable site elements. This means that companies can cater to local preferences and reach a wider audience without the need for coding knowledge. It's a game-changer for businesses looking to break into new international markets.  

Webflow has also introduced variables in its design system, giving designers greater control and consistency. With variables, designers can easily manage and update colors, fonts, and sizes across their entire site, ensuring a cohesive visual identity. This feature streamlines the design process and makes it easier to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic.  

In terms of collaboration, Webflow has enhanced workflows for commenting, editing, and publishing. This includes a simplified method for less technically-inclined team members to create new pages using pre-approved components. These improvements make it easier for teams to work together seamlessly and efficiently, regardless of their technical expertise.  

Webflow Apps, the next generation of Webflow's functionalities, offers an expanded set of tools and integrations. This includes Finsweet's Wized App, Better Shadows, and an upgraded localization App from Lokalise, among others. These additions enhance the functionality and versatility of Webflow, allowing users to create even more powerful websites and web applications.  

Furthermore, Webflow's developer platform has been improved with new API inclusions. Developers now have more tools to interact with sites, manage variables, and integrate with third-party Translation Management Systems, such as Lokalise. This opens up opportunities for developers to extend Webflow's capabilities and create customized solutions for their clients.  



Now onto Bubble, a platform focused on leveraging AI and mobile app development to shape the future of no-code. Bubble recently hosted its Founder Keynote at BubbleCon 2023, unveiling its vision for the future.  

Bubble's growth over the past decade has been impressive, with an expanding user base and over 3.3 million apps hosted. One of Bubble's key focuses is democratizing technology, providing access to all individuals, regardless of their background or location. Bubble has enabled individuals and non-profits worldwide to build impactful solutions in less time and with fewer resources.  

To meet the needs of ambitious ventures, Bubble recently launched Bubble for Enterprise, ensuring data privacy and compliance with SOC 2 Type II standards. This allows businesses to confidently build and scale their applications on the Bubble platform, knowing that  





Framer: Introducing Relative Overlays

Framer's Revolutionizing Updates and AI-Powered Localization  

Framer has introduced Relative Overlays—a completely revolutionary way to design navigations. Now, you can add dropdowns to any layer, be it Frames, Text, and even Components enhancing the design workflow. Ambiguities regarding positioning, the dynamic safe area are now things of the past!  

In addition, Navigations in the Insert Panel have been updated and new Menus have made their debut that can be dropped onto any layer for instant overlay creation. This means you can design dropdowns, menus, and tooltips in mere minutes. Sounds exciting? Have a detailed overview by watching the video above, and don't forget to check out brand new demos at to add fuel to your creativity.  

What's New:  

  • Updated Navigation Components in the Insert Panel  
  • New Menu Component Category in the Insert Panel  
  • Drag and drop Menus to create new Overlays, or even swap existing Overlays  
  • Two Overlay types: Relative and Fixed  
  • We calculate a Dynamic Safe Area for your Overlays  
  • All-new Relative Overlay edit mode within Components  
  • Ability to copy, paste, swap, and replace Overlays  

Localization with AI, a Reality  

As of October 3, 2023, Framer has launched Localization powered by AI. Now you can effortlessly tailor your website catering to multiple languages and regions, and the best part- it encompasses everything from Localized text and images to adaptive designs & content per Locale. The AI Translation service is optimized for website translation, persisting links, images, CMS variables across languages. Plus, you have a Localization Table tailored for an optimized workflow. You also get the flexibility to iterate in context with the On-Canvas Localization functionality.  

What's New :  

  • Localization Table View accessible via the Toolbar  
  • On-Canvas Localization functionality  
  • Single Item & Batch AI Translations  
  • Plain & Formatted Text Localization  
  • Automatic Date Field Localization  
  • Image Src & Alt Text Localization  
  • Project-wide Locale Variable  
  • Locale Selector Component  

Framer's passion for innovation and their dedication to making design intuitive is beyond inspiring. With the introduction of Relative Overlays and AI-powered Localization, they're redefining the landscape of no code design and making it accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills. If you want a taste of modern, intuitive, and advanced designing, look no further than Framer.  


Make : Make's Custom Scenario Properties

Automation has taken the front seat in streamlining operations and innovative workflows are revolutionizing productivity across teams. As the number of workflows in businesses surge, the quest of effectively organizing and managing these processes is more topical than ever.  

The pressing question at this point is how ? Say hello to Custom Scenario Properties - a new enterprise feature in Make that facilitates organizing and managing a large volume of workflows !  

Harnessing the Art of Workflow Organization: The Power of Custom Scenario Properties  

To make the management of growing workflows a breeze, Make now offers an easier way to manage and sort processes with Custom Scenario Properties. This unique feature enables you to:  

  • Save time and effort : A streamlined approach to organizing and maintaining workflows.  
  • Focus on Creativity and Innovation : Faster ways to search, filter, and review automation.  
  • Expand your capabilities: Empower critical business processes with insightful tags, descriptions and insights.  
  • Stay Agile : Enhanced team collaboration with transparent workflow information and context shared across functional units.  

Exploring Custom Scenario Properties in Action  

Creating a Custom Scenario Property and tagging your workflow of choice is unbelievably simple.  

Navigate to the Scenario Properties tab in your Make Organization, click Add Property. Here, you have the liberty to create Custom Scenario Property tailored to your business needs.  

Once a Scenario Property is created, you can then tag the pre-built workflows with the properties. For instance, with the Employee Onboarding workflow, notable insights include severity tier, scenario owner and developer, associated business function, and a documentation link with supplementary information. These insights give context and explanation of the scenario and encourage seamless collaboration between the teams.  

One of the standout features is the ability to filter, find, and update scenarios rapidly in your Make organization. A practical feature that significantly enhances your interaction with the automation platform.  

In conclusion, Make's careful thought into workspace organization and process optimization paves the way for more focused creativity and innovation in automation. And, by all standards, this is a remarkable step forward in the age of no code development.  



📌 Why Softr's AI App Generator is a Game-Changer  

AI technology has typically been used for small-scale tasks like text and image generation. But at Softr, we have taken it a step further. Our AI App Generator allows businesses to build fully functional applications with just a simple prompt, no extensive coding or technical expertise required.  

With this powerful AI tool, you can effortlessly convert manual workflows into web applications complete with a backend database and a frontend interface for data management and business logic.  

👀 Behind the Magic  

With the debut version of Softr's AI App Generator, you can easily create various business applications to meet common industry demands, such as client portals, internal tools (CRM, company intranet, inventory management, vendor management), directories, and membership platforms.  

Your app, created on the Softr platform and shaped by your prompt, will include:  

  • AI-generated designs, themes, and copy  
  • AI-generated data in Google Spreadsheets (soon Airtable)  
  • Business logic and user-friendly design  
  • User roles, CRUD actions, and more !  

We are thrilled to revolutionize the app development process and provide you with a powerful advantage through AI.  


Adalo : Introducing the Adalo Builder

Creating custom software and apps has never been easier with the all-new Adalo Builder.  

Adalo now offers Feature Templates that allow you to add new features to your custom apps effortlessly. Each template comes with a fully designed set of responsive screens, actions, and a matching database that seamlessly updates your app as soon as you add a feature.  

With the Adalo Builder, you can quickly enhance your app's functionality and deliver a superior user experience without any coding knowledge.  

🚀 Exciting Update : Additional Database Clusters for Improved Stability  

Adalo has recently launched additional database clusters to ensure better app performance and increased stability. With these additional clusters, the load per cluster is reduced, resulting in a more consistent user experience and minimizing the potential for widespread outages. This update benefits all Adalo apps across all plans.  

Don't miss out on this improvement that ensures your app is stable, reliable, and performs at its best.  

FlutterFlow: Making Authentication a Breeze

As we enter autumn, FlutterFlow is turning over a new leaf with a significant update to its authentication capabilities. Now, FlutterFlow proudly supports API-based authentication! This new feature empowers developers to build applications that harmonize seamlessly with a custom backend. This long-awaited feature works by using "Custom Authentication" actions for Login/Logout as well as tasks updating the authenticated user's data. To kickstart, simply set the authentication type to "Custom" under "Settings > Authentication," and voila! You can now use the new 'Custom Authentication > Login action.

Introducing Carousel Widget and Actions

Engaging UX is key to application success, and FlutterFlow's Carousel widget is all geared up to level up your app UX game. Carousels - a popular UI pattern for displaying a series of items, such as images or cards the users can swipe through. Often seen in image galleries, interactive slideshows, or feature displays in apps, the FlutterFlow Carousel also gives you multiple Carousel actions (next, first, and jump to), allowing a more interactive user experience tailoring.

Bid Goodbye to Fatigue with JSON↔️Data Type

Working with APIs is no longer a daunting task, thanks to the new JSON to Data Type feature by FlutterFlow. You can now create a Data Type with a similar structure as your API response and convert the returned JSON by the API to this Data Type. The bonus? This one-time setup eliminates manual errors and repetitive requests!

UX Upgrades for Action Flows

Taking steps further in their commitment to user-centric design, FlutterFlow has upgraded its action flows allowing users to:

  1. Show condition labels for multi-conditions
  1. Change action names
  1. Consult comprehensive documentation on conditional actions and loops

Other Noteworthy Upgrades

FlutterFlow's relentless strive to make no-code development more accessible continues with several other improvements:

  • Drawer width can now be set dynamically (by a variable).
  • Positioning of Calendar widget title and icons is now configurable.
  • New Advanced iOS settings added (Settings > Platforms) for disabling iPad support.
  • ConditionalBuilder added as a Wrap Widget option.
  • Form fields in components can now use set/clear fields actions along with the PinCode widget.
  • The API library is now searchable.
  • An option for hiding length counter on TextFields has been added.
  • Projects can be renamed directly from the Project Dashboard.
  • Option to paste before/after in the right-click menu.
  • New ability to purchase custom domains while using an Annual pricing plan.
  • Direct access to the associated design library right from your project.

The month of October witnessed remarkable advancements in the world of No-Code. These latest features and enhancements have empowered developers and businesses to create more efficient and customized applications and websites. The continuous evolution in No-Code tools has sparked an unprecedented level of creativity, enabling users to design increasingly high-performing and personalized solutions. With enhanced functionality, ease of use, and adaptability, these new developments have opened up fresh opportunities for developers and businesses alike. October has yet again solidified the position of No-Code as a transformative force driving technological innovation.

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