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Nocode News April 2022

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April 12, 2022

What's new in April 2022?

April started cold, but in the no-codephere, the servers were heating up. A lot of updates and new features have been released. We've summarised the highlights of this month's no code news for you.



Airtable improves its automation and formulas with a new way to spot errors. It allows complex formulas to be fixed directly in the database. For example, a mismatch with a forgotten parenthesis will be immediately highlighted, so you can just add it back.



In addition, they introduce a new way to hide pre-filled form fields with a new URL parameter. A way to hide the fields you don't want to show to your collaborators.


They have also launched further improvements to the recording, developing, and editing experience. The return of field icons, the arrival of increased margins, and the development of more accurate playback states.

Finally, Airtable has improved the import of CSV into your interface. Just have a table open, right-click and see "Import data" appear.


Weweb: the new no-code formulas

Our discovery of February grows

Weweb also has a lot of new features, we explain them to you:


First, they developed a "Global workflow" that saves time and allows a better organization of the APIs with only one page.

You can also trigger workflows on page load, such as sending personal tracking data or displaying article items.

In addition, they have added a new universal workflow function that can be triggered on all pages. The handling of errors in the workflow is also much easier with an alternative workflow.

Design & Improvement

The appearance of the multiple-choice element is a very useful new feature, which allows you to change the parameters of an element (color, shape, size, search options, or add new options...)

Weweb has also developed more filters for the collections.


In addition, they managed to develop 11 new no-code formulas, each more useful than the last.

And finally, they have worked on several overall improvements including optimizing the databases and fixing bugs.

Webflow: Update of the last three months

Webflow unveils its famous quarterly update, from the CMS improvements to the designer update, we summarize it all:


To facilitate the design of your site, Webflow has added a class search feature. It allows managing more easily the various modifications of the style of an existing class.



They have further developed the CMS experience with a new and more precise image size control, this feature allows you to limit the size of an image uploaded to the CMS.



Finally, they have developed a feature for businesses and growing teams. A simple workspace that makes a difference, allows control of all transfer flows, greatly improves teammate permissions management, and much more.



Figma aims at accessibility for all, and globalized its offers with the possibility to write from right to left. Moreover, it is now possible to use Figma on the iPad. Then, they made an update on the integration of Slack, which will greatly facilitate teamwork. Some bug fixes will make you happy, loading images and widgets will be faster and more reliable, and prototyping has been optimized on phones.


FlutterFlow also offered many new features.


You can now work with more than one person on a project, as long as the editing is done on different pages. The scheduled notification feature has been added, we can now send push notifications scheduled for a specific time and date. Another enhancement that will make it more efficient is the quick action editor.



They also have new design features: infinite scrolling, custom templates, overflow detection in the UI builder, the ability to copy animations, and a feature to upload multiple images at once. All this in one week FlutterFlow was also very effective.



Finally, Notion has also developed some very useful new features.


Notion is becoming more and more essential, the arrival of new databases with customized views by tab, filters, and sorting that may or may not affect other people. All this helps to create your own personal, confidential, but also shareable space.


Also, the Notion API is no longer in beta, it brings together all the available integrations, and it is now more durable and robust.

And finally, they have improved their dark mode, you can see sharper contrasts and a deeper black when you activate the dark mode.

Overall, the no-codesphere has shown us some excellent updates. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for us next.

Discovery of the month: Super

Who are they?

Our discovery of April is Super, a platform based on the Notion experience. Their concept is to create simple and powerful websites with only Notion.

Super is a way to create an accessible and powerful landing page with several features: password protection, customizable design, custom navigation bars, live code editor, automatic content synchronization, etc. Super is also compatible with tools such as Intercom or Google Analytics.

Example of use with Super

Pierre from Will Agent, one of our clients that we support, used Super to create his Will Agent landing page which you can see here.

It's simple, starting from his Notion:

Will's Notion Page

He rebuilt his landing himself. The result between time spent, and the result is quite amazing.

If you have other tools to share with us, share them with us on Twitter or Instagram.

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