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Nocode News December 2022

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December 15, 2022

December, the arrival of the snow and the battles in the shops to find the perfect gift. At Noxcod, we also thought of a little surprise: this month we present you not one but two new No Code tools, Dittofi and Wized. We're also talking about Bubble, FlutterFlow and Notion.

What's new?


A wave of redundancies is currently visible in many digital companies, and Airtable is no exception. The tool becomes one of the latest companies to announce layoffs, reducing its workforce by 20%. A significant figure that can strongly affect the company.


Rowy, a tool that allows you to create your product backend in low code, in a scalable way, raises $3 million in pre-seed led by Worklife Ventures


Let's start this roundup of No Code news with Bubble:

For those of you who don't follow us on social media, Bubble has released its component library. This component library is perfect for making you more efficient in developing user interfaces for your platforms.

In addition, the tool also developed a new plugin with Weglot that will greatly facilitate the creation of multilingual platforms

Finally, Bubble is currently working on a redesign of the deployment pipeline to simplify the addition and removal of elements in any platform.


At Flutterflow, there's no let-up, the tool still offers us so many new features, and we present them all here:

  • Flutterflow adds Supabase (Firebase opensource) integration: we will now have the opportunity to install applications on our own servers ;
  • Periodic actions: APIs update every 10 seconds, play a sound every 2 minutes, logout warning after 5 minutes of user inactivity;
  • Import of Figma colour and text themes directly into the Flutterflow canva;
  • Option labels: you can define multiple selections for drop-down lists;
  • Colour customisation is improved and now allows you to have the real colour of your company;
  • Integration of an instant translation option;
  • Added an API library for all teams.
  • New custom code editor for your company: autocomplete semantic code, error highlighting, automatic update of action and widget parameters... ;
  • New barcode widget
  • Adding masks and filters: allows you to frame the user in his data entry (box filled only with numbers or mandatory...);
  • You can drag to resize images in the canvas
  • Implicit animations for containers allow you to define more precisely the duration and type of animation
  • Show Padding In The App Builder


Let's continue with the Notion tool which has made some important changes that should be highlighted…

First of all, you've probably heard about their AI announcement, it's still in development and will allow :

  • Automatically write: social media posts, emails, articles, post cards, poems and pros and cons.
  • Automatically translate
  • And correct spelling

Then, one of the main changes is on the price formulas: for example, the free version allows you to invite 10 people unlike before where it was limited to 5 people.

Finally, some improvements for the databases… You can choose a colour palette for your icons. The “this week” filter can be applied to dates.

Discoveries of the month : Dittofi and Wized


Source : Dittofi

Our discovery of the month is Dittofi, a no-code website and application builder, including a back-end tool and secure code export. It comes with many tutorials as well as a template library and physical and online training.

The real strengths of Dittofi are its scalable back-end which is very large, almost limitless and the application customisation is total. It is a complete tool, suitable for any size of company, but is also consequently more complicated. If needed, Dittofy is able to put you in touch with a professional who masters the tool.


The second discovery of the month is Wized is a web application interface. The tool allows you to use Webflow as an interface for your web application, as well as integrate your website with any REST API. You can also create connection features and Stripe payment flows, as well as continue to host your project via Webflow.

Simply put, Wized allows for the transmission of data, and sending authenticated user data. Wized turns your Webflow into an application like Bubble. It allows you to integrate your Webflow project with many tools such as: Airtable, Make, Zapier, Notion, Xano, Firebase… All REST APIs.

That's it for the December news, we'll see you next month for the next Nocode News.

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