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Nocode News March 2022

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March 11, 2022

What’s in store for March 2022?

Everything always moves quite fast in the no-codesphere, and the beginning of 2022 was no exception. Today, we’ll have a quick glance at what new exciting things the key players in the no-code game have cooked up. Rebranding, new features, new possibilities… The industry is always moving!

Make: new name, new game


Integromat, the top workflow optimization platform, is evolving: new name, new visual identities, new features… Make is born, and with it, a world of possibilities. The mission remains the same, however: make your life easier by letting you seamlessly integrate APIs and apps to your code and automate workflows. 

Apart from the visual overhaul, the platform is adding new weapons to its arsenal: the new API has been reworked to let you create automatizations on the go, you’ll be able to create separate instances for Europe and North America, and a parallel webhook system was developed to allow you to receive larger volumes of incoming requests in real time.

For those of you already on Integromat, no need to worry! Although you can already migrate your data to the new platform, the current one will be supported until 2023.

New features for Adalo, Budibase, Softr… 


The people at Adalo have prepared a few surprises to add to their already very complete no-code app building platform. To optimize the search tools for your apps, a new logic filter was implemented: you can now use AND/OR filters, to help your users find exactly what they need, AND more! Security and privacy is also a big selling point for the no-code giant: they are now taking it a step further, with the new collection permissions system. You’ll be able to set up four levels of permissions to choose who in your team gets to see, edit, share or delete your data on the platform.

Adalo platform


Over at Budibase, two new features have been implemented, with a clear focus on edition. First, a new JSON type schema editor was added to the internal database, which allows developers to create flexible structures for forms, data responses and entries. The second addition to the Budibase family is a new rich text editor, to help your users compose their text content with previews, images and links. As a bonus, you can also customize the editor with themes, and it is compatible with all devices.

Budibase interface


Flutterflow, the visual builder for beautiful native apps, is not lagging behind either in the race for new features and platform polyvalence: four new selling points for the mobile nocoders are scheduled for their latest update. For starters, a visual enhancement, in line with the platform’s image: the implementation of Light/Dark modes, which you can now integrate to your app, and which will match your users’ phone settings. Two enhancements were also developed for their widget features, with easier form validation and the option to create multi-choice questions with the new CheckboxGroup widget. Finally, we’ll note the long-awaited desktop and tablet sizes in the device picker, to create responsive designs on any platform. All in all, a great update for Flutterflow!

FlutterFlow platform with new features


Moving on now to Softr, the rising star of no-code app development, who recently raised $13.5M, who is also dishing out new features like crazy in their latest update. Here’s a quick preview. First, they announced a few upcoming improvements to their form features, probably to increase the possibilities as it is one of the more popular building blocks. A quick addition was also made, a small (but useful) feature: you can now change the name of your app in one click within the new editor. Last, but not least, the search engine was optimized to include URL sorting features: quite handy when you’re making changes to one particular section of your app. 

Softr new features


Finally, Notion also added a quick safety and privacy feature in their latest update: when sharing pages to your collaborators, you will now have the option to allow or refuse them access to the database edition features. 

No Code X

In case you missed the French event, here is the replay.

Here’s what you can expect from the big names in no-code for March 2022. The year is only starting, so keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to learn what they have in store for the ever-growing community of no-coders!

Dominique Silvestre
CEO, Co-Founder
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