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News in the world of No-Code: May 2022

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May 5, 2022

What's new in May 2022?

In the world of no-code, there are always new things happening. Every month we take a look at the biggest news in the world of no-code development to keep you up to date. This month we look at Weweb, Softr, Airtable, Figma, and of course our discovery of the month.


We start with Weweb, they are now registered in our monthly news and regale us with their news every month. Weweb is listening to its customers, they have added many actions often requested. For example the development of the Calendly integration or the action to change the language in the Workflows.


Weweb has developed its extensions system and gives us the possibility to make an extension active or not. They have also improved their authentication system with better management of user groups, roles, and each user.


Source : Airtable

Airtable further develops teamwork management by improving configuration and testing automatization. They have also completed their mobile attachment upload and made it easier to access the recently used database.

But the new feature of the month at Airtable is the new timeline view functionality. A real plus for team organization and delineation of tasks. Thanks to this new view, you can delimit the production deadlines, observe the progress of each person and highlight the most important resources.



The Figma team has developed some new features in the FigJam space. It is now possible to customize the interface even more with the creation of sections, the addition of your colours, customizable font sizes, and the new tool to communicate the cursor chat more easily. In addition, the customization marks the return of the Washi tape with the possibility to create your ribbons.

Source : Figma

Figma X Notion

Figma is implemented in Notion, it is now possible to access the Figma file view directly in Notion.

Source : Figma


Figma is not the only one to take advantage of Notion's file access, others also have the chance like Dropbox, Zoom, and Microsoft.

Notion adds some improvements to its platforms such as faster loading of large databases, export of filtered views to the database, the possibility to return long contents to the line in the table view, and the ability to copy the link of a block and mention it in another block.

Source : Notion


Continuing with Webflow, the first new feature is a way to adjust the gap between elements in Flexbox CSS layouts. Webflow is also setting up an after-sales service for corporate customers, available from Monday to Friday, by email or by phone, from 6 am to 6 pm. The last new feature is that you can now apply superscript or subscript formatting to your text.

Source : Webflow


At Softr the improvements and new features are still present, we reveal them to you:

New features

Softr introduces three new views:

The first one allows you to create your organization chart from an existing database.

The second one, the Summary cards, is a view allowing a simple display of the numerical data, no more need for a complex graph with only a few numbers chasing each other.

The last view is also an alternative to the chart, it is a stacked bar chart.

Another feature is the Team Wiki, a template to host a company's resources and keep track of donations. And to finish with the new features, it's the possibility to move the navigation bar vertically, a good way to customize your interface.

Source : Softr


Softr improves its calendar and adds the possibility to put filters. Moreover, they add dynamic fields to the map, which makes it more functional. Finally, the billing option has been improved and now allows you to keep your company's VAT information.

Discovery of the month: Fibery

The discovery of the month is Fibery, a tool to build a custom workspace. It gathers the features of the big names of No-code tools like Notion and Airtable, we find the same tools seen and database. You can invent, develop, plan and structure as you wish with collaborative tools, whiteboards, and automatization. They have many integrations like Intercom, Trello, Zapier, Make, and more. And they have a large panel of customizable views (table, board, list, timeline...).

To better understand their No-code tools, here is a short video from their YouTube channel, where they talk about creating a CRM :

In the world of no code, there are always new and exciting things happening. This month we've seen improvements and new features to Figma, Webflow, Softr, and many others. So, if you're looking to stay up to date on the latest no code news, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for all the latest news.

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