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Noxcod Bootcamps: join the no code adventure!

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March 31, 2021

Whether you are already versed in web design and want to broaden your skill set, or you have a project in mind and want to master Bubble to make it happen, the hardest part is getting started! That's why, at Noxcod, we have set up an intensive and tailor-made program to boost your discovery of Bubble and open the doors to no code, to make all your projects come true!

But first, a little review of our last session...

To start, there's nothing like an overview of the platform's capabilities; before going into details, you need to know what's possible! Understand the workflows, discover the interface, take a look at the different plugins... A logical first step before jumping into the deep end. During the first week, we navigated the different aspects of Bubble, so many cogs to know and understand to exploit the platform to the maximum of its capabilities.

In the second week, we got to the heart of the matter: how to make an application, and above all, how to make an application that works. To do this, nothing better than to take inspiration from already well-oiled machines, such as a diet tracking app, or a home meal delivery app, and understand what makes them work so well. On the agenda, defining objectives, organizing databases, and setting up different modules (marketplace, Stripe payments, privacy...).

Finally, we dedicated the last week to the realization of our NoxCoders' projects. Everything comes with practice, and what better way to train than to launch a project that is close to your heart? So we deepened the basics with practical cases that all no coders can face at one time or another. We started this bootcamp with a general vision, and we finished by optimizing the details: the back end, the slugs, the SEO, the Figma integration, etc. All the elements that make a project successful. All the elements that make a no-code app work smoothly, on iOS as well as on Android.

Bubble Bootcamp by noxcod
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So this first bootcamp was a success, and who better to talk about it than our new Noxcoders ?

"Participating in Noxcode's Bubble bootcamp is without a doubt one of my best training investments. A step by step progress, a simplified practical application and a careful follow-up allow me today to create serenely the first version of our product"
Christophe Montagne Longue
"Bubble training that I strongly recommend. Trainer very educational and available to answer all questions 15 times if needed 😅. After this training I was able to start as a Bubble freelancer. On top 👌🏾"
Boubacar Maiga
NoCoder Full Stack | Bubble

With all the recent advances and new developments in no-code, it's hard to know where to start... To get started in this ocean of possibilities, it's best to know how to swim!

The good news is that we'll be doing it again very soon, and you're invited! Our next Bubble bootcamp will take place from April 26th to May 14th, and registrations are already open, with a maximum of 10 places. This training will be mainly aimed at beginners, to discover the basics of no-code and the Bubble platform. If you have projects in mind, and you want to learn the best tool to realize them, join us!

Our Bootcamp Platform

Noxcod bootcamps are all about real life: with more than 5 years of experience on Bubble and more than 50 successful projects in many fields, we can help you develop your application in only 3 weeks.  Our team will guide you through the different steps of the right specifications for a top-notch application. A steady pace and a thorough coaching will allow you to become a real expert in no code Bubble, and to put in production the application you dreamed of quickly. Don't wait any longer!

Dominique Silvestre
CEO, Co-Founder
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