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Top French No code tools

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July 17, 2023

No code is becoming one of the best innovations of Web 3.0. These tools are beyond imagination, opening up new possibilities by the day. The impact is so significant that the number of applications and sites deployed is doubling, even tripling.

In France, the revolution is already underway. There are many innovative, powerful tools, competing in terms of functionality with popular tools such as Bubble, Webflow, Glide and others. The story goes even further, to the point where we have no-code agencies springing up all over the place as Noxcod.

What are the French no code/low code development tools? What makes them special in terms of functionality and productivity for businesses and individuals? These are just some of the questions we'll be answering, to shed light on the opportunities and technological advances offered by French no code tools.

The No code community in France

No code is expanding worldwide, and the French are also taking part in this revolution. A growing number of agencies, events and, above all, unions are being formed. Every year, events like the no code Summit are organized to bring together and share the latest news and trends in no code in France.

During this gathering, you have the opportunity to meet hundreds of people from all over the world with a notable vision of no code. Afterwards, you can join dynamic communities on Slack, Discord or Facebook and interact with these people who share the same passions as you. These communities are made up of agencies, trainers, freelancers and international organizations.

For those wondering whether no code is really a structured and developed sector in France, you should know that there are unions that are helping to create a real movement to evangelize a large number of people. Their aim is to democratize no-code tools and enable nocoders such as companies and SMEs to make them their everyday tools.

At the same time, agencies such as Noxcod and others are increasingly specializing in tools to the point of becoming experts in the field. Individuals and companies can now entrust their digital development projects to optimize their online presence. They have at their disposal dozens of tools to design any project.

The French No code tools

The expansion of No code in France is not limited to the creation of a community, events or agencies. Things are going much further, with the development of No code tools made in France. Here's a description of these tools, their functionalities, and how the French can use them.


Ksaar builder

Ksaar is a no-code tool developed primarily to help companies optimize their business. It enables them to create their own software and applications even if they're not programming insiders. Set up in 2020 by Toulouse-based Benoit-Marie Flach and Marouann Cheikh, the pair came up with the solution in response to a constant need among employees to turn their ideas into reality.

More than just a digital solution, it's a technology that speaks the language of the business. Indeed, it adapts to all sectors of activity. Ksaar no-code tool is equipped with an average of twenty functionalities. In particular, we can mention the following options:

  • Payment
  • Maths & calculations
  • Integrations & APIS
  • Business logic
  • Authentication
  • Design & Customization
  • Chat & conversation
  • Document management

Ksaar has more than 1,500 satisfied customers, 300,000 users and more than a dozen talents recruited to meet market expectations.


Weweb builder

Created in 2018, WeWeb is founded by Raphael Goldsztejn a no-code enthusiast and passionate. The company is located in the prestigious city of Paris, precisely La Boétie. Weweb is a no-code tool specially developed for designing the front-end of websites. Perfect for design, its native visual interface lets you choose elements in drag-and-drop mode for unique, responsive designs.

With Weweb, you can be sure of going 10 times faster to bring to life an attractive interface that guarantees a better user experience. In fact, Weweb lets you set up customer portals to personalize your visitors' experience or allow them to manage their account. It's also ideal for shared SaaS platforms or in-house applications.

As far as learning is concerned, for a beginner, using weweb can seem a bit complex at first, but don't worry, on the dedicated website resources are available as well as courses to help you get to grips with this tool, which is quite complete!

Secondly, for people with intermediate knowledge of coding, Weweb can help them easily connect external data to their interface, as it allows code export. And that's not all, it's harmonized for adding user authentication to an application and SEO support, What makes weweb a revolution in Top French No code tools.

In terms of functionality, Weweb's builder lets you add predefined customizable elements, edit your site's pages with tags (meta-description, titles). Images and animations can also be integrated, and the site/application can be automatically translated into several languages.

Finally, it allows you to manage data, add CMS (Content Management System) plugins such as Google sheet and Airtable, and easily deploy the project on the web.


Pandasuite builder

If you need to create web apps, mobile apps ( iOS and Android ) as well as apps adapted for MAC and Windows, Pandasuite is the no-code tool for you. This Saas solution was founded by Jérôme Dalicieux in 2010. The tool was born out of a constant demand for high-performance mobile applications adapted for Android and iOS systems.

However, there was a problem. At the time, developing such large-scale applications required significant investment and the recruitment of experienced code developers. This was impossible for individuals or companies who wanted to design their own app, but didn't have the appropriate resources.

Pandasuite's drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to interact with the tool to create great-looking interfaces for applications. Pandasuite also boasts countless features for developing applications for Android and iPhone. The tool goes even further and is capable of creating applications for Windows and Macs.

When it comes to these features, Pandasuite is all about creating workflows with logic and conditions for carrying out various actions. It has over fifty powerful components, a database and integration of third-party applications such as Twilo and Gmail. What's more, it gives you the power to customize components via its PandaBridge library, which uses JavaScript and React to create low-cost code.

Pandasuite has a plethora of features, including a marketing department, guaranteed security, and a host of other tools for perfecting application creation.


Kapix builder

Officially launched in 2021 in Montpellier, Stéphane, and Swann Lasour are the creators of the Kapix no-code tool. It promotes the creation of all types of applications that can meet professional needs.

With Kapix, let your imagination run wild with its multi-element editor. Highly flexible, you can generate your own source code and export your application without constraint while opting for computer language.

Kapix has a well-organized interface to the point where you can assign roles to designers, SEOs and developers. Its collaboration option creates a better working environment where you can evolve as a team. What's more, this option opens up new possibilities for users to converse via chat and videoconferencing.

An equally interesting feature is the ability to import your creations into Figma for further design enhancement. Sketch and Adobe x are other alternatives for a better experience. Kapix also has a system for storing all versions of your app over time. So you can consult the backup file and make any necessary improvements.

Finally, when it comes to app deployment, so that it's within reach of your target audience, Kapix helps you along the way with its SEO & Analytics feature. With this function, you'll have fewer difficulties with the natural referencing of your application. Secondly, the tool offers new possibilities when it comes to measuring the impact of your investment through your marketing actions.


Udo builder

Udo based in Paris and other French cities is a no-code, multi-purpose platform for creating visual programming applications. Founded by Florent Cadouin, Guillaume Muller, Olivier Bazire and David Ohanessian, the team comprises a developer, an innovation manager, a technician and a customer manager.

The idea for Udo was born of a vision to design a system that would enable small and medium-sized businesses to better manage their data. Indeed, the co-founders work in the financial sector, and with the difficulties and errors they were confronted with, they wanted to remedy this through this solution.

Udo is an application creation software with visual programming. Like the previous tools, its use requires no technical knowledge of IT. One of the special features of Udo is that it lets you host the applications you create in its cloud. What's more, you can retrieve all your data in the format of your choice: text.txt, pdf, jpeg, csv or docx. All in total confidentiality.

The features available on Udo allow you to :

  • Design: features graphical elements to create a better user interface.
  • Model: promotes better management of data, even if it's in the millions.
  • Integrate: you can connect the application to APIs or other software.
  • Factor: a wide range of templates and plugins to save you time in your design.



Timetonic builder

Timetonic is one of the top french database management tools, offering an innovative solution for managing, centralizing and organizing countless items of information. Used by major companies such as Engie, Total, Veolia and GRDF, it is extremely useful for importing spreadsheets, synchronizing data sources and creating an intelligent visual database. You could say it competes with Google Sheet in many respects.

The French no-code tool comes to the rescue to help companies design dashboards, calendars, pivot tables, forms and more. Owned by Jean-Michel Durocher, the company went live in early 2023, and lives for a single mission: to help companies simplify their management and accelerate their digital transformation.

The software features a simple, flexible, spreadsheet-like interface, making it intuitive to use and adaptable to your specific needs.'s solution expands horizons with the following functions:

  • Automate marketing and sales actions for better customer management,
  • Manage different types of files: documents, photos,
  • Develop your own application and host it in the cloud,
  • Business management: task scheduling, form creation, site follow-up, etc,
  • Maintenance: boost application performance through service quality and maintenance, etc.

By using Timetonic, you eliminate the need to vacillate between several applications to the point of losing your important data. Instead, the tool saves you precious time and helps you to group, manage and visualize your information clearly and efficiently.


Egiteko builder

Egiteko is both a no-code and a low-code tool that will delight developers and anyone who wants to learn and grow in no-code application development. It optimizes the work process, giving you more freedom to design applications that meet your needs. A highly secure collaborative tool with several options for integration with other tools to improve workflow.

The Egiteko team, based in Lyon, France, is made up of passionate web developers with varied backgrounds, including Product Builder and senior PHP developer. Coming on line in 2023, it allows you to manage a large database, starting from an Excel spreadsheet, to turn it into a secure, collaborative tool with useful features.

Indeed, the tool favors integrations with other external tools via connectors and APIs. It is compatible with business management software:

  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management

In addition, we can count on Microsoft tools, email, calendar, accounting, etc. Another advantage of Egiteko is that it can read any type of data, no matter how logically structured.


The diversity of French no code tools bears witness to the innovation and creativity of French entrepreneurs and developers. Ksaar, Pandasuite, Egiteko and other no code France tools are tangible proof of this.

Each of these solutions has been developed to address specific problems, improving the lives of thousands of people and promoting the expansion of businesses worldwide. The creation of trade unions, the many events organized, the communities, are reinforcing this revolution in France just as they are in the United States.

This opens up new opportunities for innovation, collaboration and digital transformation in the country. And, if you want to contribute, you can start testing these tools and make them your everyday allies.

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