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Creating a database becomes necessary when you are looking to make simple and custom applications with powerful features. People tend to use spreadsheets when they are looking to come up with a database. They prefer to work with a spreadsheet instead of a database as they require SQL scripting skills on the part of the users. 

In addition, their naturally complex features make people opt for a spreadsheet instead of an actual database. This is precisely where the Airtable platform comes in. 

The unique thing about Airtable is that it is a very user-friendly online platform that can be used for creating relational databases and sharing them with others. 

A relational database is a group of data that has been strategically arranged to make it simple to modify, add to, delete, and, most significantly, access the data. One of the most common and user-friendly databases is relational databases, which keep data in orderly tables.

In addition, Airtable has a straightforward and colorfully vibrant user interface that allows users to create databases within a matter of minutes. 

Airtable allows users to organize and store information and collaborate with others on anything such as store inventories, employee directories, or anything else. Furthermore, Airtable does not require people to know anything about SQL scripting.

What is Airtable? 

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Airtable is a simple to use spreadsheet database that allows you to save your data efficiently. You can even call it a spreadsheet-database hybrid. It works as a platform, enabling users to create powerful and custom applications easily. 

The good thing is that the tools and features that come with Airtable can be used to streamline all kinds of projects, processes, and workflows without the users needing to learn anything about coding. This feature that makes it possible for people to create applications without any kind of coding is what makes Airtable so popular. 

Whether you are looking to carry out major-level video production or track the details of job interviews. Many companies these days love working with Airtable when they are looking to handle their diverse business processes in an organized manner on a daily basis.   

By using Airtable, users can easily create databases that can store different types of information relating to the work they handle. Such data can then be used for powering the processes, visualizations, and integrations, giving rise to a custom application equipped with numerous useful features. 

For a lot of people, the very idea of creating an application sounds like an impossibly complex idea. However, the good thing about Airtable is that it can really make it a lot easier for the users to come up with practical applications even without hardly any coding knowledge. 

Here are some salient benefits of using Airtable: 

  • One of the best things about Airtable is that it allows users to manage their project work thoroughly at each and every step of the way. Airtable makes it easy to track all the information relating to the objectives and goals of the project. With Airtable, connecting with other tools and automating necessary tactical actions such as sending email updates and publishing tweets is possible. 
  • Visualizing data is easy when you start working with Airtable and have your information readily available in it. For example, you can create a quick and simple graph for analyzing the performance of the marketing campaigns that you have in place. You can also work with a Gantt chart to determine how your project milestones will be achieved. 
  • Working with Airtable also provides you with the opportunity to provide stakeholders with the context that they need to have. Since Airtable allows you to combine the information from several sources, you can have your team members work on the information derived from the updated version. You can create custom entry points by filtering, sorting, and rearranging your data and sharing them with your partners, teammates, and stakeholders. This can provide them with all the information they need to have in a way that suits them precisely and perfectly. 

Typically when you are trying to develop an application, you will need the help and support of professional software engineers who will work hard for a long time to create the app you want. 

On the other hand, when you are using Airtable, it can provide you with access to powerful and flexible databases so that your app development project can be rendered quickly. These databases have been built from scratch, which is why they can handle specific and complex workflows precisely and efficiently. 

This is why people worldwide love working with Airtable, as it allows them to have complete control over how their application turns out. 

What is a database?

Airtable Data base

A database is something that is used in numerous companies as well as government offices for the broad range of valuable features that they can provide. 

A database can help store information regarding specific items and concepts related to customers, end-users, products, services, and projects. While working with a database, you can store, capture and carefully organize the details regarding these items. 

The process works like maintaining data in a spreadsheet or similar tool. The unique thing about Airtable is that it lets you manipulate how you view this data and access the information you store inside it.  

A great benefit of using Airtable is that it lets you come up with one single base or platform for storing all your information in an organized manner. 

The Airtable records can also be updated and upgraded in real-time. However, many processes tend to break down, and running them becomes a problem when the same information is stored and needs to be updated in multiple locations. Such practices cause misalignment of information and give rise to frustration and agitation among the team members. It can also make it difficult for the team members to perform their work diligently and precisely. 

Airtable helps to record all data and information in a centralized platform and have information from other systems and tools like project tracking software systems and CRMs. Airtable also makes it easy to share the relevant information with those who need it in real-time so they can benefit from it. 

For instance, if you have your team track the progress of some project, you can have other related departments check out all the information they need by using the Airtable platform. 

In this way, cross-functional teams such as customer support and marketing can access the campaigns and the content they need. Even if you do not update the team members by sending them an email or another way, they will still have the information they need to make crucial decisions. This is only going to boost their operational efficiency on the whole. 

What is Airtable used for?

Airtable to build a better way to work
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Airtable makes it possible for users to develop a database that can store the information users need for the work they are planning to do. 

They can then use the database to power the processes, visualizations, and integrations, which can be used to create a custom application that can help carry out certain specific functions. Here are some applications for the software:

  • You can track your assets.
  • Track and manage your marketing campaigns.
  • Create an interactive content calendar.
  • You can manage and track your digital assets as well.
  • Create and follow the project pipeline.
  • Project management.
  • Event planner, and much more.

What is the difference between Airtable and Excel?

Airtable VS Excel

Excel and similar other programs essentially work as traditional spreadsheets. On the other hand, Airtable can work both as spreadsheets and databases. When working with Airtable as a spreadsheet, users can structure their information in grid view with standard rows, columns, and cell formats. 

To work with Airtable as a database, users can link the records to each other to create powerful data links. These data links can offer additional scope for data entry, calculations based on formulae, and other tasks. 

With Airtable, users can also view their data in different ways, such as a kanban board, a form builder, a calendar, and a gallery view.

Why is Airtable so popular?

There are many benefits of Airtable, which make it incredibly popular. So let's have a look at some of them.  

Complete software

Airtable works as software that appears just like a spreadsheet. It offers users the option to attach files and take advantage of the checkboxes and drop-down options. It also provides a wide range of other features that users cannot get from Excel.  


Since Airtable is highly user-friendly, one can easily work on a wide range of projects while applying them. For instance, you can easily hide or unhide fields and features and also get them removed from a section. Furthermore, Airtable allows users to work with filters quickly, and one can use blocks to carry out bulk editing.

Excellent viewing and customization options

Depending on the nature of the work they need to carry out, every user has of their preferences regarding the viewing options. This is why Airtable offers users the option to choose from form appearance and grid appearance. Hence, you can easily customize your project as a standard spreadsheet and change it to something that appears more like a database.

Great templates 

Airtable is equipped with multiple useful templates that can simplify your tasks for you. The extensive range of layouts and templates that you will get with Airtable can help you do your work easily in less time. 

In addition, the built-in templates can provide you with plenty of flexibility when trying to improve your project's outcome. Even if you do not want to work with the built-in templates, you can still create your templates from scratch.

Tracking the progress of your projects easily 

While it is true that Airtable often operates like a spreadsheet, the platform essentially works as a fully integrated project management tool. 

One of the things that Airtable can do is it can allow users to track the progress of the projects they are working on. So, whether it is the sales department, handling diverse tasks becomes easy when using Airtable. 

You can also link and sync Airtable with Google sheets. However, each spreadsheet in your Google workbook will be transformed into a unique table once you import a Google Sheet.

Automating different types of repetitive tasks 

Airtable accelerate work with automations

One of the main areas of difficulty that companies face while dealing with various operations is the need to automate repetitive tasks. Of course, repetitive tasks are essential for any enterprise, but they also have a way of slowing down the team. 

This problem is also exacerbated by the fact that communication between the various departments within the company can be a time-taking matter. There can also be a lot of protocols in place that can hinder the speed of the work that is to be carried out. This is because many tasks require approval from the authorities overseeing the process. 

In some cases, marketing moves may be hindered because of the fact that some decision-making process is pending. Such problems can be rectified with the use of Airtable. 

Airtable has built-in automation, making it easier for your team to focus on managing the end goals and achieving them quickly. Through effective automation, you can come up with rules that can automatically trigger certain specific actions. 

These actions can help automate repetitive tasks easily and boost the operational efficiency of the whole team. By creating a detailed product roadmap, you can make an automation plan so that team members in other departments can know about the project's latest updates. 

This can help them to adjust and change their working plans accordingly. In this way, you can enhance the speed and efficiency of your team and make sure that everyone is aware of the project and its latest developments.  

Is Airtable for free?

Airtable pricing
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Airtable comes with free as well as premium plans. You can also opt for plans that offer discounts to qualifying students, non-profit institutions, and educators. 

Depending on the needs of your project, you can add multiple bases and collaborators as you would prefer. The only thing you need to ensure is that each base should fall below per-base record limits, as mentioned on the pricing page.

There are mainly four different types of plans that are available with Airtable. 

  • Free plan 
  • The Plus plan
  • The Pro plan 
  • The Enterprise plan

The Free plan can offer 2 GB per base attachment space with a record limit of 1200 records/base. The Plus plan offers 5 GB per base attachment space with a record limit of 5000 records/base. In addition, the Airtable Plus plan is available for $12/user/month for the monthly billing plan, i.e., $144/year, and $10/user/month on the annual billing plan, i.e., $120/year.

The Airtable Pro plan is priced at $24/user/month for a monthly billing plan. With an annual billing plan, the price is $20/user/month. 

Features like Airtable Sync's increased access to apps, automation, and record limits make the Airtable Pro plan more attractive. In addition, it offers an attachment space of 20 GB per base and a 50,000 records per base record limit. 

Airtable Enterprise plan is meant for large businesses and companies when they are planning on maximizing the user experience and value they have from Airtable. You can learn about the pricing upon request. It may begin at around $10,000 per month. What can you expect?

  • Salesforce & Jira on-premises sync connections
  • Unlimited workspaces per organization and Unlimited apps
  • 1,000GB of attachments per base and 100,000 records per base
  • 3-year revision and snapshot history, and much more


The diverse features of Airtable can make it a lot easier for you to automate your tasks and maintain ease of use when working with a large amount of data. You can also streamline resource use when trying to create an application or import data from other programs. Facilities like these make Airtable one of the best programs of its kind. You get the best of a database and a spreadsheet program with Airtable.

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