Everything You Need To Know About The Glide App

When you are a business owner thinking about launching an app, many would recommend hiring a software development company to develop that app for you. 

While it isn't a bad idea, software development companies charge a lot of money to create an app. Suppose you don't have the capital to spend on developing an application; what's your next move? 

You can do it yourself, but are you confident in your coding skills? 

If not, then a platform like Glide can help!

What Is Glide App?

Introducing Glide with guideline : Create powerful apps and websites, without code
source : Glide

Glide is a no-code app-building platform that allows users without coding skills to create an app. It has a super easy builder linked with Google sheets for storing data.

How Does It Work?

Glide app works as a Google service that helps create cross-platform applications even without going through the process of writing any code. 

The unique thing about the Glide app is that it allows users to only work with spreadsheets or datasheets for the project. 

The rest of the work is simply about configuring the operations and appearance of the application. The whole process is carried out with a simple and efficient web-based wizard.

The Glide app makes it possible for the users to develop an application with three distinct steps:

  • Creating a Google sheet that will have all the necessary and indispensable data regarding the items that are going to be stored
  • Developing the application in the web wizard
  • Releasing the developed application by simply providing a download link for the app

Distinct Aspects Of Glide App

Glide app - Turn spreadsheets into software
source : Glide

Since you are using Google Sheets for your database, it provides complete control of the data you are working on in the visual interface. Interacting with the database is easy with no code.

You can handle the process with ease as you usually do with a spreadsheet. However, it differs from traditional databases, where you must manipulate the data using the command line instead of a visual interface.

With the Glide app, glitches with traditional databases are avoided. The best thing about Glide is that you get to make the most of a wide variety of components you can work with, like:

  • Calendar 
  • Map 
  • User list
  • Gallery for videos and images
  • Advanced features (chat integration), etc. 

It makes Glide far better than most other apps of similar nature in terms of the features they have to offer. You can choose from a lot of templates and get started quickly.

What Is Glide App Used For?

Glide 3 step of using No code tools : connect your data, customize your app, share with a link
source : Glide

If you are planning on creating some apps; but with no prior knowledge in programming, you can use the Glide app to make things easier. 

Some use cases are just perfect for Glide. For instance, if you are thinking of working on some early MVPs, you can work with Glide. It is essential to evaluate whether the Glide app offers support for the tools and features you want.

Provided that is the case, you can use Glide to create an early MVP. Again, the simplicity and ease of iteration make Glide a perfect choice for such projects. You can also test out different concepts with the beta users while working with Glide. 

The cost factor and the speed at which you can work on such projects make the Glide app an ideal choice. Glide can also provide valuable feedback that you can use to improve the quality of your app.

Another use for Glide is to create internal company tools to enhance the processes and workflow associated with app development. Since Glide does not require app developers to work on complex features or scalable databases, many applications can quickly be developed. 

Some of the best applications created with Glide are expense reporting tools and internal issue tracking applications.  

Is Glide App Safe?

It is safe, secure, and private. All the data is protected by Glide's encrypted methods and the best practices within the industry. 

The system used by Glide automatically secures most of the authorization and security aspects associated with a particular app. 

Nevertheless, as an app creator, you have full authority to decide how your app will work. It means that you will always have complete freedom to make essential decisions relating to the security of an app or multiple apps you created with Glide. 

Glide Keep your data safe and secure
source : Glide

Through practical and powerful security systems that Glide has in place for every app, you get to make the best security decisions while creating apps and taking steps to organize data. 

So if any of your apps require you to save private information, you must take the necessary steps to protect such information through the app security and privacy guides offered by the Glide app on their official website.    

Are Glide Apps Good?

Glide - Build your apps
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Glide is one of the most powerful app-building platforms that allow people to create apps without writing a single line of code. 

As more and more updates and improvements come by, it is safe to say that Glide will only get better with time. That said, Glide has some limitations in terms of the flexibility of customization of apps beyond the text, color, and layout patterns. 

The possible tweaks that app developers can carry out with the layout are limited. There are also some inherent scaling issues when working with Google Sheets at the backend. It means that apps that require advanced databases and complex logic should not be created with the Glide app. 

Nevertheless, the Glide app can make things easier for people looking to work on basic MVPs. Glide can also deliver good results when people look to create simple internal tools that can help improve the workflow.  

Is Glide Free To Use?

Glide Pricing
source : Glide

Glide can be used for free by individuals. One can access 100 MB of file storage, 500 data rows, and 1000 sheet edits per month for any individual use. 

Glide also offers paid versions that can provide additional features. For example, a person can pay $29 per app every month or $19 per app every month when paid annually to have access to 10 GB of storage, 25000 data rows, and the added benefit of unlimited edits.

There are also team plans and enterprise plans offered with the Glide app. A-Pro plan comes at $99 per month and comes with 50 GB. There is a Business plan available at $249 per month. It offers 25000 updates and total storage of 1 TB. 

With any paid plan, you can remove the Glide branding from the app and enable numerous advanced features. One of the main benefits of using a paid plan is you can get your very own customized domain for the URL of the app. You can also make your app private and make sure it is accessible to only registered and approved users.


Whether you are someone who is just dabbling with the process of app development, or you are someone who has been into it for quite some time but experimenting with Glide to see what it can do for you, you can be sure of the fact that Glide is not going to disappoint. 

It is one of the best tools for creating apps without coding requirements. It can also streamline the time, money, and effort required for creating a practical cross-platform app.

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