Gyfti: business gifts, reinvented

Whether to thank, remind and retain your existing customers, or to woo prospective new clients, a small token of your appreciation can go a very long way. Business gifts have been a common practice in every line of work, and with Gyfti, it is now easier than ever.

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A multifaceted support

With their constantly evolving partner catalog and their modern business-to-business approach, the people of Gyfti and their activity model were exactly the kind of system that could benefit from the versatility of no-code technology. Customisable, original, and memorable, your gifts with Gyfti will boost your commercial relations, for a fraction of the time and of the price. This is why we, at Noxcod, were very happy to provide our friends at Gyfti with our expertise, to accompany them in the transition to integrated no-code infrastructures.

To fully implement a functional no-code system, you need people that are trained in the various aspects of a platform. Thus we started with several training courses in the use of Bubble, and all the possibilities the no-code giant has to offer, with emphasis on a few features that are key to ensure that Gyfti’s operation runs smoothly: the integration of a real-time responsive design, that can be adapted along the changes in the catalog; direct interfacing with external e-commerce partners like Shopify; and finally, an overview of the dashboard creating capabilities of the platform, useful in offering a fully personalised experience to the customer.

With our support, Gyfti was able to transition its web design model to a no-code approach, allowing for more flexibility in their platform’s development.

Project Flow


Product Strategy


With the assistance of our developers, the skilled teams working at Gyfti were trained in every aspect of No-Code development. They are now fully autonomous to maintain, edit their apps.

Complex Platform

By the very nature of their activity, Gyfti needed a complex system that could be modified and adjusted to suit the needs of their partners and customers. The platform we developed with them thus had to be adaptable and intuitive.

Direct interfaces

With its many partners and suppliers, the online services provided by Gyfti are often in direct contact with many online services, like Shopify. As such, our approach in both development and training had to account for the interfacing with these services.


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Samir Bouhassoun

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We have been immersed in the development community for several years now, and have been able to identify the power and speed of NoCode development.

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