, the up-and-coming platform of testing, ranking and sharing of ANY skill, is now running on a full No-Code system. Discover the new UI; showcasing your skills has never been easier!

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Do you remember the sensation of being top of your class, the pride when you receive a good grade on a test? Well, now, you’re older, you’ve graduated, but your skills never stopped growing! is a platform that allows you to really get a sense of your level in any particular skill (that can be tested online, it would be hard to gauge your ping pong skills on a website!), and share the score you get, for bragging rights or to showcase your competence for professional purposes. For example, you can test your no-code skills on our very own Noxcod test!

In our modern society, being able to constantly learn new skills and improve old ones is a necessity to remain relevant and up to date in every field. However, it would be quite complicated to know what you need to focus on without testing yourself.

The platform had to be ergonomic and intuitive, to test yourself and share your results as easily as possible: for instance, we implemented a way to share on various platforms: to brag on Facebook, to highlight your resume on LinkedIn, or even embed your result directly in your webpage, which is very useful for Freelance talent. 

Not only can you test your mettle against the various tests already on the platform, you can also create your own, for professional evaluations and friendly challenges alike. 

Project Flow


15 days from idea to a live product

The first steps of the design and planning of the structure were carried out on Figma.

Mockup done on Figma for

We opted for a light UI, to create a streamlined look and experience: a clear and airy look, so that the user knows where they're going.

Product Strategy

The application was made in order to test the market quickly, so that users could post their offers in real time, as needed and on the go.

The navigation had to be easy to use and allow everyone to submit or participate in a scoring easily and quickly. This design point was essential to the development process, as Go4me is a service that relies on the reactivity of its user base.

We also needed a scoring to be easily shared through the application and even as an iframe.

15 days to develop and design it all

That's the total time we took to do the design, integrate the UI and the Bubble development. Record breaking speed for application development, thanks to the advanced expertise of our team with Bubble technology. Design was done on Figma.

A fast Bubble application

The application had to be optimized in terms of Bubble workflows and its database, as it needed to be as responsive as possible to meet the objective of our client. The result is close to a true native smartphone application feel, with seamless scrolling and content display and a responsive website on desktop.

An intuitive and connected design

The platform and app needed to be modular and intuitive, to allow test takers to focus on the task at hand and easily share their results, and allow test developers to integrate new scorings to the catalog. The result is an engaging and natural experience, to showcase your skills easily.


Client Testimonial

Cyril Bergemin


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We have been immersed in the development community for several years now, and have been able to identify the power and speed of NoCode development.

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