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Discover our intensive training courses to learn how to build your application without any computer knowledge.


Why take one of our training?

3 weeks to launch your Bubble product
The pace of the boot camp is fast, but everything is done to make sure you can follow it as well as possible thanks to the review of each video, exercises to do every day and a Discord to discuss with our team.

We have been working on Bubble for over 5 years. Before we started training, we specialized in developing Bubble as an agency. We have already supported and worked on nearly 100 projects for start-ups as well as international companies.

Launch your application without knowing the code.
A boot camp adapted for people starting out in Bubble or even in Nocode. It is possible to participate without knowing the code. We have resources to help you succeed during the boot camp.

What we do
We are entrepreneurs, and we know that time is precious. Here, no bullshit, we go for the real thing, and that's why at the end of the 3 weeks you will have made no less than 3 applications.

Practical advice
Because we work with many clients, from start-ups to large companies, we have a method that allows us to have a No-Code Bubble.io solution that is easily readable and sustainable.

High demand
No Code technologies such as Bubble are currently in high demand due to the speed of execution and the ability for anyone to create their own application without technical skills.

Is it possible to do the bootcamp in person?

Currently, not, everything is done online.
And each session is recorded, so you can access it whenever you want.

3 weeks is not too short

3 weeks may seem short, but the aim is to give you all the tools to be independent on Bubble and develop your own application.

What background do I need to do this bootcamp ?

This bootcamp is for people starting out on Bubble. We will go over everything.

However, knowing how a database works can help you, and we can recommend content once you have registered.

2 hours online is too much, is it possible to access only the videos ?

Yes, this is now possible. The price starts from 500 €.

You can access it here in beta version.

It is only available in French at the moment.

How do I pay for the course ?

Once you have registered, we will contact you.

You will then have the choice to pay by credit card or bank transfer.

If you need to split the payment, please contact us.

I signed up, what are the next steps ?

Well, already, thank you ! 🎉

Once you have registered, we will contact you within 48 hours to understand your expectations, answer your questions and then give you a link to validate your payment and thus secure your place for the bootcamp. The bootcamp being limited to 10 people maximum.

How much time should I allow for the bootcamp ?

For 3 weeks, we will have 2 hours per day of live training. Allow at least 2 more hours per day to complete the exercises. The second week is busy, so the more time you have, the better. 😀

As everything is recorded, you will always have the possibility to catch up on it on the WE. You will have access to a chat room to discuss with us.

You are a developer, why not put a payment directly on your page ?

Good question ! Today, our goal is to validate our bootcamp concept and to be sure that it will meet your expectations.

Your feedback is therefore precious to us, and you will see it on all the bootcamp, we will regularly ask for your opinion in order to have the best Bubble bootcamp format.

All our Bubble training courses

The bootcamp Bubble

This intensive training will give you the keys to start your project with Bubble. Our goal is to train you to be able to design the user interface and build your own platform or application after 3 weeks.

  • Learn how to create your database
  • Building the pages
  • Master the process of creating an application
  • How to export your application to Android and iOS
  • And much more, depending on your requirements
Our Bubble e-learning training

Noxcod offers you a training on bubble.io, the most complete tool to develop applications without any knowledge in code. Our goal is to give you all the keys to quickly develop your first MVP. No Code is taking an important place in the technology world. This skill is also increasingly in demand.

  • A complete view of the tool
  • More than 70 courses
  • Learn the No Code at your own pace
  • Online courses
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