You have a project in mind, but don't know where or how to start?

Noxcod offers you a training on, the most complete tool to develop applications without any knowledge in code. Our goal is to give you all the keys to quickly develop your first MVP.

No code takes an important place in the world of technology. It now allows developing powerful applications on subjects as complex as machine learning or the Internet of Things. This skill is more and more in demand. Expertise

We have been working on Bubble for over 7 years. Before we started training, we specialized in Bubble development as an agency. We have already supported and worked on over 100 projects for startups as well as international companies.

Les technologies que nous utiliserons

E-learning Bubble content

Why choose our learn?

Learn no code at your own pace

You have all the content to learn bubble at your own pace. Videos, summaries and quizzes to validate your knowledge. Discover the power of the most complete no code tool on the market as you wish.

A high demand

No-Code technologies such as Bubble are currently in high-demand thanks to the speed of execution and the possibility for everyone to create their own application without technical skills.

A complete view of the tool

Bubble is a simple tool to learn, but complicated to master fully. Thanks to our 7 years of experience with the tool, you will have everything you need to learn how to fully master bubble.

Launch your application without knowing the code

A training adapted for people who start on Bubble or even in Nocode. It is possible to participate without knowing the code.

Practical advice

Because we work with many clients, from startups to large corporations, we have a method that allows us to have a "No-Code" Bubble that is easily readable and maintainable.

What we do

We are entrepreneurs, and we know that time is precious. Here, no nonsense, we go into the concrete and that's why at the end of this e-learning you will have learned quickly to master bubble.



Fully master the Bubble tool


  • Learning to learn
  • The basics of Bubble
  • The databases
  • Workflow
  • Custom States
  • Plugins and APIs
  • Privay Rules
  • The responsive


30 chapters of complete course

  • Learn how to create your database
  • Building the pages
  • The process of creating an application
  • How to export your application to Android and iOS
  • And much more, depending on your requirements

Quizzes and exercises in each chapter

These quizzes and exercises allow you to :

  • Understand your mistakes
  • Validate your skills
  • Advance in understanding during the training


  • A complete module to learn how to learn in order to allow you to master Bubble as quickly as possible.
  • A community of no coders to share your best practices and to meet people who have the same goal as you.

Tout au long du bootcamp, vous aurez accès à notre Discord pour discuter avec nous et nous poser vos questions.
Toutes les vidéos sont enregistrées afin que vous puissiez y accéder pour refaire les exercices.



E-learning only possible from 500€.



Training at any time, you choose your way of working. :)


Je m'appelle Dominique Silvestre, j'ai créé de nombreux services sur Bubble et j'ai également créé NoxCod, une agence exclusivement No-Code. J'ai accompagné de nombreuses startups pendant 5 ans lorsque j'ai travaillé dans un incubateur de startups. Ces expériences m'ont permis de comprendre à quel point cette technologie m'a permis de gagner un temps précieux et de lancer des projets dans des délais courts tout en réduisant les coûts.

Ce bootcamp a pour but, de vous former à Bubble et que vous soyez capable au bout des 3 semaines de créer votre application Bubble en gagnant un temps précieux sur vos recherches.

Dominique Silvestre
Cofondateur de Noxcod

What our former Noxcoders think?

Participating in the Noxcod Bubble bootcamp is without a doubt one of my best training investments. A step by step progress, a simplified practical application and a careful follow-up allow me today to create serenely the first version of our product.

Christophe Montagne Longue

Bubble training which I highly recommend. Trainer very pedagogue and available to answer all questions 15 if necessary 😅. At the end of this training I was able to start as a Bubble freelancer. On top👌🏾

Boubacar Maiga
NoCodeur Full Stack | Bubble


Is Bubble worth learning?

As we have already said, opting for Bubble has many advantages, and the lack of code is a huge advantage in learning how to use the solution.

So, after spending about 20 hours learning Bubble, you'll already be able to achieve results that will blow your mind
Bubble tutorials will allow you to learn the basics effortlessly, but we also recommend you to attend Bubble training courses.

If you are already familiar with the development, it should go much faster, although it is important to understand how Bubble works.

Is Bubble secure?

Undoubtedly, this is a genuine question about the consistency and trustworthiness of a new platform. There are always some risk factors associated with new platforms. So, trusting a new platform might involve some genuine questions for sure.

Is it possible to keep a Bubble application for the long term? Does it offer adequate long-term security? Will I need maintenance on my application? These are common questions that can be a challenge.

Today Bubble is one of the most secure no-code services that allows you to keep the service even if your business becomes very successful. But beware, even if the technology is secure, the flaw can come from the development done, that's why it is important to know Bubble well or to be accompanied by Bubble experts.

Is Bubble More Efficient ?

Well, this is very difficult to answer this question. In general, it is indeed efficient to use no-coding web development services. However, before asking this question, it is crucial to consider which we are comparing Bubble? If we compare Bubble with the traditional coding methods, Bubble can ensure the same level of efficiencies at 70% cheaper in prices and 80% faster in delivery on average.

How Much Time Does It require to launch an Application through Bubble?

Developing an application does not take much time. However, it is difficult to say the exact time it takes to launch a mobile application or platform. In reality, it depends on the requirements. If you have more requirements, it may take more time to complete all the associated development tasks. So, it's best to talk to one of the Bubble agencies or a freelancer and let them know your requirements before you go ahead. If you ask, you will definitely get a specific time frame.

However, to give you an idea based on our own experience, developments last on average from 2 weeks to 2 months for the most complex applications.

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