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No Code X: the first French IRL NoCode Event

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January 23, 2022

Grab your agendas people, there’s a date to write down: February 28th 2022. On this fateful day, happening only once every four years (or is that the 29th?), our friend Octave Le Tellier and his team of innovation investors at BPI have decided to host the very first in-person NoCode event in France. Taking place in Paris’ 9th Arrondissement, the conference will bring together the experts of the field, to discuss and explore the ever-growing capabilities of nocode development. A once in a lifetime opportunity to discover or strengthen your knowledge of one of the fastest growing industries around! 

No Code X Program
No Code X Program

3 hours to cover it all

Want to understand why everyone is so hyped up about nocode solutions, discover the principles required to create an effective and complete app, learn how to network with the various actors in the nocode ecosystem, directly from the best players on the field? These are all the things that await you in this exceptional event. On the agenda:

17h: Let’s get started!

Our host, Octave Letellier and our animator Shubham Sharma, will be in charge of the introductions, and will give you the rundown of everything that will be covered during the conference.

17h15: Getting inside Bubble

Our first speaker of the evening, Jérôme Vobmann, is one of France’s foremost experts on the nocode giant Bubble. Thanks to his successful startup, Zola, he was able to better understand how Bubble works and what its limits are as our business grows.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a product manager, a designer or a dev, you’ll learn many useful things about the platform that revolutionized app development: basic techniques, how to use the platform efficiently and all the advantages it can bring to your project… Everything about “why Bubble” and “how Bubble” will be covered.

18h: Making the most out of every tool

Next up in our lineup is none other than our very own Dominique Silvestre, cofounder of Noxcod and master nocoder. Bubble, Adalo, Webflow, Glide, Integromat, Zapier… He knows it all, and brings his expertise and his counsel to the large groups and the startups alike, spreading the good word about the app messiah that is no-coding. 

His intervention during the conference will be focused on the myriad of tools in a good nocoder’s arsenal, and how to use them efficiently. There are a lot of them, and the more polyvalent ones can appear obscure and unapproachable, but fear not, for Dominique is here to guide you through the more difficult aspects of using the more powerful no-code tools such as Zapier or Integromat, to save time and be more efficient in your development, and make sure your apps run smoothly.

Starting with a broad overview, and then tackling more in-depth concepts with a few case studies, you’ll exit Dominique’s turn with a clearer understanding of how to build the app of your dreams, smoothly and efficiently.

19h: Notion, or how to streamline your workflows

Notion, for those of you who do not (yet) know, is one of the true game-changing tools out there for team and workflow management. Jonathan Sabbah is one of those who used the tool in their work, allowing him to optimize the work of his developers at Papernest, streamlining all processes and maximizing efficiency.

At the No Code X conference, he will share the knowledge and expertise he has gained, to help you discover that wonderful tool, how its specificities are extremely adapted to nocode solutions, and how it will allow you to save mountains of time and money during your development processes. Using examples from his own personal and work experience, and showcasing his “Notion app” creation, Jonathan will give you the keys to a world of possibilities, to better create, manage, work and communicate thanks to Notion.

19h45: Surprise from the hosts

Well, if we tell you, it’s no longer a surprise, is it..?

Nocode in Paris

If you're interested in unlocking the secrets of the many nocode solutions, and discovering the unlimited potential of no-coding, register now and join us on this journey! 50 tickets will be available for the in-person event, and the entire conference will be recorded, broadcast on Livestorm, and recordings will be sent directly to participants in person and online.

Dominique Silvestre
CEO, Co-Founder
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