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Nocode News February 2022

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January 30, 2022

Happy new nocode year!

Here’s the latest nocode news for February 2022

2021 has been long and rough, but also full of opportunities for nocoders around the world, who had many chances to develop their skills and create new apps, more polyvalent than ever, thanks to the efforts of the many fast growing actors and companies of the field. And of course, 2022 also shows a lot of promise, with exciting new horizons everywhere, as the nocode community grows faster than ever. Here is a sneak peek at what you’ll be looking forward to this year…

No Code X: the main event

No Code X Event

It’s no secret that nocode ecosystems and the opportunities they offer have been growing exponentially these past few years, and the French market is no exception. That is why Octave Le Tellier and his team of innovative investors at BPI have chosen to host the very first French IRL nocode event, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris on February 28th. 

Interactive sessions and lectures by the best players in the field await you, with the participation of our very own Dominique Silvestre, founder of Noxcod and nocoder extraordinaire. Literally the best opportunity to discover the capabilities of nocode systems, and unlock its limitless potential to create your apps!

Read our article about the No Code X Event. 

Softr raises the stakes

Softr raises $13.5M

One of the (relatively) new players in the nocode game, Softr has risen through the ranks with incredible speed: launched in early 2021, the platform has already helped more than 35,000 companies build their apps, in only one year. Growth like this always attracts the eye of savvy investors, and allowed Mariam Hakobyan’s team to raise a whopping 13.5 million dollars!

This impressive, monumental step marks the opening of broad new horizons for the firm, whose team set their sights very high: they aim to become the world’s largest ecosystem of nocode design and development. A worthy goal, which is already clear in the minds of their developers, as upcoming main features are already defined, as stepping stones on their climb to greatness: the creation of template and component marketplaces, to help developers design and share their creations, and the development of an expert team to create bespoke solutions for clients.

With all these exciting developments, Softr definitely imposes itself as the rising star of 2021. Stay tuned in as great things will surely follow!

NoCodeX in the starting blocks

NoCodeX by eFounders

A new player appears on the nocode scene! The software start-uppers at eFounders aim to get onboard with the nocode craze, by launching their very own solution, under the sober working title “NoCodeX”.

For those of you who do not know them (yet), eFounders is an innovative group of experts, partnering with “founders” to help them create and successfully develop their software company. Since 2011, they have helped launch 29 businesses and apps in various fields and goals. Now, these companies are collectively worth more $400m with more than 1000 employees in offices around the world. They know the game, they know the rules, they’re coming and they play to win: their first nocode project has all it needs to succeed. And they’re recruiting! They are currently looking for an experienced CTO for this project, so don’t hesitate to apply here!

Airtable launches their Interface Designer

The database giant Airtable is always cooking up new features to complement the already long list of things you can do through their platform; one of the latest additions is the Interface Designer. Since November, Airtable users have had the opportunity to test out this new, interactive feature, to create intuitive and streamlined visual front doors for their end users, and allow them to view, add and share their data more efficiently than ever.

Several types of elements are available: grids, numbers, timelines, charts… You can display your data in visually meaningful ways, to get a better sense of the situation. Every element is fully customizable; you can also allow your users to filter the results to only display the relevant information, as well as edit or comment on it as needed. Once you’re done, you can share access to the database with your collaborators by a click of a button. Data has never been this fun and easy to share!

Discovery of the month: WeWeb

WeWeb Interface

We are always on the lookout for new good options in nocode design and development; this month, it’s WeWeb that caught our eye, for many reasons. A complete and streamlined editor interface, responsive data management, compatibility with third party integrations, affordable plans… This Franco-American platform has it all!

Compatible with external data sources (CMS, Google Sheets…), and with full integration of third party tools such as Zapier, Integromat or Airtable (and their new interface designer ;) ), WeWeb is a very versatile platform. As a bonus, more experienced devs can also import their own code from GitHub, and integrate it directly in their project. 

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Dominique Silvestre
CEO, Co-Founder
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