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Nocode News January 2023

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January 11, 2023

Before starting this January No code news, the Noxcod team wishes you a Happy New Year 2023. May the year 2023 be a successful and happy one!

At the beginning of this year, there are still some new features in the different No code tools. Today, we talk about Flutterflow, Make, Notion, Softr and we propose you two discoveries of the month Tooljet and Toddle.


Even in the holiday season, Flutterflow gives us many new features, here they are:

Source : Flutterflow news
  • The Transform Widget allows you to perform graphical transformations of small widgets. You can choose from 4 types of transformations: rotation, scaling, tilting and translation.
  • You can now download images via an API: Flutterflow has added a new “download media” action that allows you to store the file locally.
  • Updated comments area: you can tag specific collaborators on a comment, the tool also adds an “Assigned view” to see all comments you've been tagged in.
  • Disable buttons: you can disable a button if a specific condition is met.
  • New “Copy to Clipboard” action that allows users to copy text inside your application.

To know more about Flutterflow

Make : Open AI Text image

source :

Make this big name in automation also offers us a solution with open AI which is added directly into its integration catalog for images and text.

To know more about Make


Notion gives us some small new features quite practical, we present them to you:

source :
  • Task and subtask in databases.
  • Task dependency: finish one to complete another.
  • Configure your databases to automate repetitive actions and tasks.
  • New page templates.
  • Choice of icons in databases
  • URL generation in databases.

To know more about Notion

Softr AI

→ Softr also follows the AI trend by offering image and text generation directly on Softr.

→ For app creators and users, Softr allows to integrate tables and charts made with Rows.

To know more about Softr

Discoveries of the month:


Tooljet is a low code open-source application development platform for building and deploying applications. The tool is ideal for internal business applications.

The tool is made for collaborative teamwork. The tool uses blocs construction and databases to allow you to have beautiful interfaces. Tooljet is connected to more than 40 tools like Airtable, Google sheet or Stripe.

This Low code platform is Freemium and if you want to have more features your price will be customized according to your need.

Link to Tooljet web site


Toddle is currently a Beta platform. The tool allows you to collaborate in the creation of your web applications. It is a No code alternative to JavaScript frameworks with live collaboration, version control and hosting. The tool allows you to create large-scale web applications with all the tools you need to create high-end products like Instagram.

The tool already has a good number of features:

  • For data management and storage, Toddle uses Supabase.
  • Preview and share projects with team members and customers.
  • Live collaboration.
  • Build your components with live data from APIs.

Link to Toddle web site

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That's it for the January news, we'll see you next month for the next Nocode News.

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