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Nocode News November 2022

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November 14, 2022

What's new in November 2022?

November, the month of transition between Halloween and Christmas. It's the calm before the storm. And, it's the perfect time to learn more about the No Code news of the month. This month, we mention the Webflow conference, Bubble, FlutterFlow, Airtable, Notion and Noxcod, which celebrates its first two candles.

Bubble : Atomic Fusion

The Atomic Fusion extension mentioned in June's News No code is now in version 4 with many new features including mobile optimization. With this extension, you can view assets in the Explore page, add assets to your extension, copy and paste these assets to your app. The speed of creation of Bubble is increased with Atomic Fusion.

To better understand the extension, here is their presentation video:

The videos are a plus in understanding the tools, and we will try to share more of them with you so that you better understand the functionality of each tool.

Webflow Conf

The Webflow conference took place at the end of last week and there were many announcements, we tell you about them here :

Power of visual development

Let's start with the improvements and the development of the tool's power:

  • “Symbols” become “Components”: with new commands on the canvas (edit text directly on the canvas); A possibility to hide elements in components; you will soon be able to reuse saved components from other CMS pages.
  • Launch of DevLink: synchronization of Webflow with React. DevLink allows you to create elements on Webflow and import them into your React projects.
  • CMS capacity increased tenfold with the possibility of having a database of more than 100,000 items.
  • Multi-language planned for 2023. We've been waiting for this feature for a long time, can't wait to use it.
  • The E-commerce plan is also affected by the expansion of the CMS. It now has fewer expansion limits, with a 5-fold increase in storage capacity.
  • Memberships open in Beta version to all Webflow members.
  • Webflow continues to invest in Logic and hopes that these automations will continue to grow without any flaws.
  • Variable Fronts soon available.

Webflow collaboration

Webflow also improves collaboration with :

  • New roles: Agency, Freelancer and Guest that will be available soon. These roles will have an impact on the cost of Webflow, you can, for example, join a workspace for free as a guest.
  • More security for your sites with control over who can see your site.
  • Page Branching: will allow you to create faster with multiple designer pages.

The Webflow Community

Finally, the Webflow community is still growing with their Webflow Marketplace to buy and share your website templates and updated documentation and developer support.


Flutterflow is still impressive in the way it works. The company has managed to keep up with two newsletters a month for the past two years, and each one with an almost equal number of improvements. For two years we have been following their progress and we all agree that there is enormous potential for this tool, which is gradually catching up with the bigger ones.

Here are this month's improvements:

  • Project commentary: more collaboration between teams and the client
  • Organize text almost like Notion
  • Show items on hover
  • Suppress multimedia action
  • Firebase Crashlytics: analyze and prioritize issues
  • Firebase Remote Config: dynamically update the look and feel of your applications
  • Custom publishing: you can customize your domain name
  • Improved animations: 8 additional animation effects (rotation, blur…), create a boomerang effect, start, stop and reverse.
  • Selectable text: allows anyone to copy and paste text from Widgets
  • Comment in code space: available in the property panel to the right of your code
  • Update to the GitHub Issue Tracker system
  • CSV data import: upload a CSV file directly using the FlutterFlow content manager
  • Flutterflow adds twelve new device models to the mockups.
  • Auto-expanding text fields
  • Search our FlutterFlow documentation directly from the Command Palette
  • New option for web publishing: with or without www.


Airtable improves the designer interface, new buttons, elements, and more. The company is making collaboration more dynamic, easier, and more personal by developing a way to share its interface without giving access to your databases. You can customize the data visible to each user on this interface.

To better understand this improvement, you can watch their YouTube video:

Discovery of the month : Dynaboard

Dynaboard was launched by Alex Kern in early 2022. The tool was already very promising because in June 2022 Alex Kern was able to raise almost 6.6 million dollars to further develop the platform.

Dynaboard is a tool that allows you to develop fast and powerful web applications. The special thing about this tool is that you can collaborate on code and UX simultaneously effortlessly. For the moment, the tool is in Beta, but it promises great things.

In addition to being easy to understand and master, Dynaboard has many features:

  • Query API and database,
  • UX/UI optimization or adaptation or free or influence opinionated
  • Real-time collaboration,
  • Client and server code,
  • Custom components and themes,
  • Instant deployments,
  • Private web authentication
  • Full documentation:
  • A changelog:

Soon it will be possible to synchronize these tasks with Cron and Git.

Dynaboard is a very promising tool and its simplistic use makes web application creation even faster. Noxcod will keep an eye on it, and so should you.

Noxcod celebrates its 2nd anniversary

Noxcod to blow out its first two candles on Thursday 3rd November!

First of all, we would like to fully thank all those who contributed to the development of Noxcod. Thank you to our clients for trusting us with the creation and development of your projects. Thank you to the Noxcod team, without whom the company would not have been able to grow during these two years. And, thank you to the freelancers who were able to respond quickly to our needs in order to contribute to the smooth running of our partners' projects.

It's hard to believe how fast it goes…

In 2 years, we have developed more than 80 projects! Each project was different and allowed us to gain even more experience.

In 2 years, we had an overflowing consumption of coffee, matés and pastries.

Finally, in 2 years, we have assembled a great team. Lots of great encounters in these first two years and a great team! We hope it will last for a long time.

Since the beginning of Noxcod, we have been committed to democratizing the use of No Code in France and in the world (we hope one day).

And, thanks to all of you, this is becoming more and more possible, so THANK YOU!

Dominique and Robin, Co-Founder of Noxcod

Noxcod helps companies train their teams in No Code, whether through training, coaching, or even creating applications for you. The Noxcod team guides you and provides you with the basics of No Code development.

If you want to know more about Noxcod, you can follow us on LinkedIn or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

That's it for the November news, we'll see you next month for the next Nocode News.

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