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Which no-code tools export code?

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January 20, 2023

In this article, we present you all the tools No code and Low code that export the code. We talk about:

  • Flutterflow
  • Weweb
  • Dittofi
  • Kapix
  • Webflow (only for the web)
  • Noodl
  • Webstudio


No code tool export code : Flutterflow website home
Flutterflow website

Flutterflow, the Low code tool specialized in web and mobile first application development. FlutterFlow allows you to easily add more advanced features such as animations, push notifications, payments, etc. You can write your own custom code or create custom widgets for your application with FlutterFlow.

This tool being Low code already allows access to the code, so to export the code nothing could be easier. Once your application is finished, you can export your code or deploy it directly to the application stores.

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No code tool export code : Weweb website home
Weweb website

Weweb, the French-American interface creator in No code. A complete and uncluttered editing interface, responsive data management, compatibility with third-party integrations, affordable packages… Compatible with external data sources (CMS, Google Sheets...), and with full integration of third-party tools such as Zapier, Make or Airtable and their interface designer, WeWeb is a very versatile platform.

This tool also allows you to export the code, and you can host it wherever you want. As a bonus, the tool allows you to import the code with GitHub and integrate it directly into their project.

Click here to go to the Weweb website.


No code tool export code : Dittofi website home
Dittofi website

Dittofi a No code website and application builder, including a back-end tool and a secure code export. It comes with many tutorials as well as a template library and physical and online training.

The real strengths of Dittofi are its scalable back-end which is very important, almost unlimited and the customization of the application is total. It is a complete tool, suitable for any size of company, but also consequently more complicated.

Click here to go to the Dittofi website.


No code tool export code : Kapix website home
Kapix website

Kapix is a French No code tool that allows you to create applications while being fully owner of it. The tool allows you to export your Figma, Adob XD design or design your app directly on Kapix.

The tool offers many features, and the export of source code is no exception. The particularity of this one is that you can export your code in any language.

Click here to go to the Kapix website

Webflow – Only for the web

No code tool export code : Webflow website home
Webflow website

Webflow is a web design platform that allows you to create web pages in No Code. It offers a visual interface and tools that allow you to drag and drop elements to create web pages, as well as options to add custom code if needed.

Pages can be designed and published individually, or as part of a larger website. Webflow also includes built-in hosting, so your pages will be live on the web as soon as you publish them. Webflow provides the ability to export code in HTML and JS.

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Noodl (update october 2023)

Noodl is a low-code tool and amazing tool that lets you design custom applications as quickly as possible and export the code. Coders and non-coders alike can benefit from its features. Indeed, with its visual development model, you can build a SaaS tool on Noodl.


Assisted by its AI, even a beginner can do more than he can imagine without necessarily having any programming skills. And for those who already know how to code, Noodl is a great asset for integrating JavaScript to further customize your application.

Click here to go to the Noodl website.

Webstudio (update octobre 2023)

Webstudio is a no-code tool specialized in website creation and amazing builder, just like Webflow. It simplifies the CSS programming language by making it visually accessible to non-developers. In addition to being drag-and-drop with 250 blocks on its user interface, Webstudio's website builder is Open Source in nature.

If you want to go 03 times faster in website creation, you can always use its AI with which you can communicate live like Apple's Siri.

Click here to go to the Webstudio website.

That's it for this article for now, it will be updated regularly, so remember to come back and take a look 👀.

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