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Nocode News October 2022

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October 13, 2022

What's new in October 2022?

🎃 In this news, we summarize all the Nocode news of the scariest month of the year. We talk about Bubble, Webflow, Flutterflow, Airtable but also the discovery of the month Teta.


We start the recap with Bubble. Here are some improvements made this month :

  • A possibility to create a “tag like” list: for this, Bubble introduces a new “scroll direction” section in the repeating groups, called “horizontally wrapped”. This allows them to be like an inline container.
  • Colors variables: this allows you to fully customize your colors.
  • Platforms now come with a predefined style system.
  • Update on Focus Group behaviors → ability to open and close them with a click

Finally, Bubble announced that they have built a new component system to improve the ease and speed of creating applications. It is currently being tested and will be available soon.


Pricing increase

The Pricing is increasing in Webflow. To help with this transition, all existing site subscriptions are being extended for at least a year.

Webflow launches a new e-commerce plan especially designed for agencies or freelancers.

The terms of use of the platform have also been updated. Link to open in new tab to watch all the new terms of use : https://webflow.com/legal/tos-update-2022

CMS capacities multiplied

The capacity of the CMS has been multiplied. A few days ago, the limit was 10 000 elements in the CMS for a website. Today it is ten times more, you can store more than 100 000 elements. This means more CMS collections and therefore more customization.


Reminder: the Webflow conference will take place on November 9th and 10th in San Francisco. It is also possible to follow the conference for free online. We will, of course, communicate all the details in the November Nocode News.


Before we reveal all the new stuff from Flutterflow, we have to inform you that the Flutterflow app (preview) is now available on Android!!! 🙌


Here are the most important improvements from Flutterflow for the month of October:

  • Build more easily in the canvas with drag and drop support
  • More conditional values: if + then/else; AND/OR
  • Added encrypted storage, secure local state
  • Infinite scrolling for APIs
  • Rotating credit card to see front/back
  • Identify and record specific widgets that cause your build to fail in Run/Test, APK/Code Download or GitHub push mode.
  • Color variable added in the canvas
  • Animation V2: create animation sequences overlay
  • Stripe payment on the web
  • Add actions from radio-button / drop-down / choice-chips value changes forms.
  • Scrolling start/end ; end/start
  • Customize loading spaces
  • Customize the application bar to be folded down / stretched

All these new features have been very appreciated by the Flutterflow community.


Some new features at Airtable :

Build your base from the new “Add more” button. This button takes you to a page that groups all of Airtable's types and functionality. Whether it's a view, automation, extension, or data, you can now see all of these options easily.

You can now upload multiple photos and videos in one attachment field.

Airtable also adds a group feature that allows you to collect different data in a group

Discovery of the month : TETA

Teta is a low-code apps and UI builder available on Product Hunt. It allows to create low-code applications and is composed of a back-end service designed for developers, professionals and nocoders.

The tool is a full-stack with many available features that is based on Flutter. It is also composed of a CMS solution and hundreds of widgets. The app is available for free on Android.

Moreover, the tool is quite complete for a start: a website, YouTube tutorials, a complete documentation site…

Teta has been very well received by the Product Hunt community and has found the third place of the products of the day.


🤗 This month the team has grown with Enzo our first project manager. He arrived in the office and got a lot of Noxcod goodies.

🥂 Dominique, Robin, and Charles participated in the Nocode Summit 2022 in Paris. This event totally dedicated to Nocode was highly anticipated by the French. They are excited to go back next year.

😁 We were also mentioned in the guide of Le Petit Paumé, an association from Lyon, France, with whom we have been working for two years now. We thank them for their trust, and we hope that this collaboration will last in the years to come.

If you want to know more about Noxcod, you can follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

That's it for October's news, we'll see you next month for the next news in the Nocode world.

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