NoxATS - Optimize your recruitment with AI

NoxATS is an AI-assisted recruitment management platform, offering tools to create ads, track candidates, and automate processes, making your recruitment efforts more efficient and timely.

This NoxATS service overview video shows how to use the tool to add candidates, track jobs, generate ads and more. It also explains how to use AI to automatically pull data from LinkedIn or resumes, generate rejection emails and manage ads.

NoxATS is an AI-assisted recruitment management platform that helps you create and manage ads, track candidates, and automate recruitment processes. Designed for HR professionals and recruiters, it is easy to use and offers a variety of features to optimize your recruiting efforts.

Main features:

Management of job postings

  • Creation and monitoring of job postings
  • Generation of job descriptions, postings and question banks
  • Duplication and distribution of job postings
  • Translation of job postings into English and Spanish

Applicant Management

  • Generation of recruitment interview reports
  • Kanban view for applicant tracking‍
  • Automatic generation of rejection emails
  • Note-taking during interviews‍
  • Automatic extraction of resume and LinkedIn data
  • Import CSV data and add candidates from an email
  • Scoring of the candidates with explanation of the reasons for the score

NoxATS is currently seeking beta testers and will be sold as a software as a service (SaaS). It is currently developed on Glideapps.

How to sign up for NoxATS

For more information about NoxATS or to become a beta tester, please contact us.

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