What is Figma?

From idea to ubiquity

Evan Wallace and Dylan Field both graduated from Brown University in 2012 and decided to found Figma (The name Figma comes from this idea, “figment of your imagination made real.”)

Pictures of founders of Figma : Evan Wallace and Dylan Field

After a first public appearance in 2016, Figma quickly became known to the design community.

In 2019, Figma launched “Figma Community” which further brought together the community that was already evolving well on YouTube and social networks in general. It was only a few months later that Figma became the most used design tool among web designers and was valued at $2 billion.

Figma then launched Fig Jam in 2021 to simplify communication and work for remote teams.

But while the tool became the tool of choice for designers in September 2022, Figma was acquired by Adobe for $20 billion. The tool is still developing, but today it will be under the Adobe licence that it will evolve.

What is Figma?

Figma is a tool that allows people to collaborate and conceptualize in an intuitive and efficient way. It provides ideal functionality for the development of models and prototypes. It was created to meet the needs of design professionals who need a more efficient and collaborative tool for their work.

Different spaces have been developed on the application:


The Figma tool is specialized for design and prototyping.

  • Design with design tools for web and mobile, automatic layout features, plugins to reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Prototype to test concepts at any time during your design.
  • System design to build consistent designs with constantly updated libraries.
  • Collaborate to work with several people at the same time on a project or display the work of a single collaborator.


The FigJam tool is specialized in brainstorming collaboration.

  • The whiteboard to write anything you want in any form.
  • A brainstorming space where you can share your ideas with a whole team.
  • Collaboration with built-in feedback and controlled sharing.
  • Create Userflows easily with the shapes and colors you want.

Figma Community

The Figma Community section is the perfect place to share your creations and communicate with the whole Figma community.

  • Share your templates, your plugins, your designs.
  • Join Figma groups according to your region of the world.
  • Participate in events created by Figma and the community.
  • Figma also shares its tips and new features.

Why is Figma used?

Figma is an online graphic design tool that allows users to create mock-ups and prototypes with high precision and control. It offers powerful features for graphic design, development and animation, all in a collaborative environment.

Here are just a few of the features:

  • Brings together all the features for prototyping and designing a website or application,
  • Allows you to collaborate in real time on projects,
  • Files are updated in real time,
  • Integration with other tools, software or applications,
  • Integrated system design,
  • Interactive prototype development,
  • Thousands of plugins created by Figma and the community,
  • Component, widget, and template libraries.

In short, the tool is monstrous!

Pricing Figma

Figma has a very advantageous pricing policy and can be adapted to any type of person. Here are the four pricing plans:

  • The free plan is already very complete, you can work on three different files with an unlimited number of collaborators, and you have at your disposal plugins, widgets, and templates.
  • The professional plan is 12 € per editor and per month. It allows you to have an unlimited number of files with a management of the rights of your collaborators and much more.
  • The last plan is for organizations and companies, and is 45 € per editor and per month. Billing is done annually. The advantage of this plan is that you can create several specific branches with unique rights and views.

You have to know that the Fig Jam tool is not included in the Figma offer, but to add the tool the budget is from 3 to 5 € depending on the plan you choose.  

Advantages of using Figma instead of Adobe or Sketch?

Figma is a complete tool that targets application and web designers. The main characteristic of the tool is its simplicity, its use is rather obvious. The modules are basic modules that allow you to easily design a platform.

Another point to highlight is its community. The Figma community is one of the most active of all tools. If you have a problem, you will be sure to get a quick answer to your questions.

Moreover, this community develops and shares many plugins and templates that are partly free.

The last point that makes the tool very interesting is its regular updates. Figma is a tool that surprises. Especially when the tool releases a new feature that you didn't think you needed. And, when you finally discover this feature, you say to yourself “Well yes, I needed it, but I didn't know it, but yes, I needed it”. Figma does this quite regularly.

All these details make the tool faster and easier to use and, compared to other tools, Figma has an indisputable community advantage.


Figma is a totally free and manageable product as you wish. It is the basis of our UX/UI designs and allows us to advance in our approaches while sharing our work. It's a real plus for NoxCod, it allows us to gather our designs, and facilitates communication between our clients and the teams during the prototyping of the projects.

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