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Noxcod shares its expertise with you to help you create your No-code application with Bubble.


The projects we have completed with Bubble

Why choose Noxcod as your Bubble agency?

Noxcod is an expert Bubble and no code web agency that allows you to develop an application to help you achieve your goals.

Noxcod guides and advises you on all questions of design, interfacing, and growth of your app.

Who is a Bubble agency for?

The Bubble agency to launch your business

If you are starting your business, and you don't have the time or the technical skills to design and develop your mobile or web application, then having it developed by a Bubble agency is certainly the best option! This way, you can focus on the most important things for your business:

  • Finding your first customers
  • Writing your first content
  • Designing your product
  • Setting up your production

By entrusting the design and development of your app to Noxcod, you will be able to focus on the essentials of your business while launching a quality application.

The Bubble agency for an internal application

You already have an internal application and :

  • You are changing your graphic charter.
  • You want to add pages.
  • You would like to change the layout of your app.
  • You have conversion problems, and you would like to fix them.
  • Or you simply would like to create a new application, but you don't have the time.

We can fulfil each of these requests! Thanks to an in-depth study of your issue in each of these cases, we can propose a detailed action plan. This action plan will include a design phase where we will study your issue. Following this design phase, we will propose a prototype.

After your approval of the prototype, we will develop your App project. Having an internal application allows you to better manage your business and will improve your productivity.

The Bubble agency for an application that improves your business.

You are a large company, and you want to have your application developed by a Bubble agency. Do you want to communicate your values clearly? Do you want to present a more modern image to your customers? Do you want to establish your reputation in your market?

Thanks to our team of makers, designers and developers, we can offer you a bespoke solution.

How do we develop your Bubble App?

We respond to all requests, but what is our method we use to do so?


We take stock of your problems, your objectives, and your expectations regarding your Bubble app.


Based on what you have told us, we develop a prototype.


Once you validate the prototype, we start developing your bubble application.


Bubble expert for several years

Over 5 years of experience on Bubble development

We have already supported more than 100 projects for companies of all sizes. Our expertise lies in the developments carried out in a concise period of time compared to traditional code development and personalized support on the functional. Having undertaken various projects allows us to make recommendations on the best functional practices to reduce development time. You can read our complete review of Bubble if you want to know what is Bubble.

Analysis & Brainstorming

We will review all the features of your project. Our objective will be to understand the platform or application and to choose the most appropriate No Code technology.

In addition to the technological recommendation, we will advise you on functional choices to accelerate the platform’s or the application’s development.

Design & Architecture

Many of our clients come to us with an idea and a concept. We can help you with the UI and UX of your application to quickly develop your application.

Realization & Support

Before any development, we always draft user flows and also a database diagram. All our clients emphasize that we do not only work on development, but also on your whole project as if it were our own.

A Multidisciplinary Makers Team

We support your Bubble project in the development of your application and plugins.

Going through the whole process is how we can also help you:

  • Design of your Bubble Application
  • Build the User Experience of your application
  • Train your Team to be able to take over the project

Before starting each project, we will advise you to help you choose among the different No code technologies we can work with.

In addition to No Code developments, we regularly carry out Bubble training sessions with companies or schools.

The Goal: to show that we are all capable of creating an application without a single line of code.  

I'm interested in training

Our experts
Bubble io
Laurie Nicolas
Bubble Developer
Robin Fouratier
CTO, Co-Founder

Bubble Coaching

In addition to developing your application, our agency can also train you so that you can become autonomous in the animation of your app.

You want to:

  • Be guides though the development of your apps with Bubble.
  • Get advice on a specific problem with Bubble.

Converting a Bubble application into an iOS and/or Android application

Turning a Bubble application into a PWA

Optimising of the database to improve loading times

Improving the SEO of your Bubble platform

Improving the loading times of a Bubble application

Improve the speed of an application and become a better Bubble developer

Price list - Ask for a quote

The price for a Bubble project varies according to the service and support required. Prices start from €9000.

Agile Project - Bubble

For complex projects requiring special fittings and a unique design.

The Agile project Bubble includes :

Flexible development

Fixed Price

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks

Dedicated project manager

Payment in stages

Get in touch
Bubble MVP Development: 1-Month Fast-Track Program

Launch your MVP in just 1 month with our all-inclusive package, covering design, development, and strategic guidance, all managed by a dedicated project manager. Benefit from exclusive Bubble training in French, all at a competitive flat rate. No hidden costs; just swift, comprehensive service to bring your idea to life.

From Vision to MVP: 30-Day Full-Service Bubble Package

📅 Fast Turnaround: Turn your idea into reality in just 1 month, from start to finish.

🎨 Design & Development Included: Take advantage of a comprehensive package that includes both visual design and technical development of your application.

🚀 Strategic Guidance: Leverage our expertise to define the key features of your MVP, ensuring you bring a product to market that truly meets your users' needs.

👥 Dedicated Project Manager: A dedicated professional will be at your disposal to coordinate the project, keep you informed, and answer all your questions.

🎓 Bubble Training in French: Learn how to master Bubble with specialized training, conducted entirely in French, to enable you to take control of your application post-delivery.

💲 Competitive Flat Rate: All of this is available to you at a competitive flat rate, with no hidden costs.

Start my MVP

What is Bubble?

Bubble is an online platform that allows developers to develop applications without writing code. Bubble was created in 2012 by two entrepreneurs, Emmanuel Straschnov and Josh Haas. Bubble allows users to create web applications, mobile apps, SaaS solutions and even e-commerce stores without having to write a single line of code.  

Why choose Bubble?

Apart from the complex conventional methods of launching a business application, Bubble is the most functional and easy-to-use tool to create digital applications and software programs without having to write complex code. This isn't possible in the other conventional website builders like Wix or CMS tools like WordPress. So, this is how Bubble's no-code features make it unique when compared to the other available traditional methods of building web applications and software programs.

With this No code tool, you can become a Bubble developer or even a Bubble expert without mastering any programming language!

The Features offered by Bubble!

As we previously mentioned, the Bubble app works smarter than the other traditional methods of creating web applications and software programs. It offers four highly effective features to its users to ensure a hassle-free experience through visual programming in building and maintaining web applications. Let's take a look at the features below to get a clearer sense of this efficiency.

  • A secure database hosting facility for its users in the AWS cloud
  • A specialized WYSIWYG page designer and styling editor for designing and editing web pages.
  • An innovative visual workflow editor in which the user can add multiple events and actions in the web applications.
  • An intelligent capacity scaling feature that automatically increases the web applications' capacity as the app gradually grows.

Advantages / Disadvantages of Bubble


Speed of development
Affordable cost


Platform dependency
Limited to Javascript
No export of code

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time Does It require to launch an Application through Bubble?

Developing an application does not take much time. However, it is difficult to say the exact time it takes to launch a mobile application or platform. In reality, it depends on the requirements. If you have more requirements, it may take more time to complete all the associated development tasks. So, it's best to talk to one of the Bubble agencies or a freelancer and let them know your requirements before you go ahead. If you ask, you will definitely get a specific time frame.

However, to give you an idea based on our own experience, developments last on average from 2 weeks to 2 months for the most complex applications.

Is Bubble More Efficient ?

Well, this is very difficult to answer this question. In general, it is indeed efficient to use no-coding web development services. However, before asking this question, it is crucial to consider which we are comparing Bubble? If we compare Bubble with the traditional coding methods, Bubble can ensure the same level of efficiencies at 70% cheaper in prices and 80% faster in delivery on average.

Is Bubble secure?

Undoubtedly, this is a genuine question about the consistency and trustworthiness of a new platform. There are always some risk factors associated with new platforms. So, trusting a new platform might involve some genuine questions for sure.

Is it possible to keep a Bubble application for the long term? Does it offer adequate long-term security? Will I need maintenance on my application? These are common questions that can be a challenge.

Today Bubble is one of the most secure no-code services that allows you to keep the service even if your business becomes very successful. But beware, even if the technology is secure, the flaw can come from the development done, that's why it is important to know Bubble well or to be accompanied by Bubble experts.

Is Bubble worth learning?

As we have already said, opting for Bubble has many advantages, and the lack of code is a huge advantage in learning how to use the solution.

So, after spending about 20 hours learning Bubble, you'll already be able to achieve results that will blow your mind
Bubble tutorials will allow you to learn the basics effortlessly, but we also recommend you to attend Bubble training courses.

If you are already familiar with the development, it should go much faster, although it is important to understand how Bubble works.

Will I Get the Ownership of the Business Application?

Yes, you will get the ownership of your business application. Your commercial application belongs exclusively to you. Bubble will only provide you with hosting and other associated web development services.  If you hire a professional, you may receive proprietary access to your application once delivered. But since you don't have access to the code, the application will always remain on Bubble and you will not be able to transfer it elsewhere.

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