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Why choose Noxcod as a Make agency?

Noxcod has been a make partner for 2 years!

We use Make on a daily basis to automate the processes of our agency and our customers. With several hundred automations in place, we are able to automate your processes.

Who is the Make agency for?

Make agency to save time.

In a company, time is the resource that cannot be bought or saved.

With a Make agency, you can automate time-consuming, repetitive and tedious tasks to save time and improve your employees' job satisfaction.

Make agency to improve your customer experience.

A satisfied customer recommends you and continues to work with you. Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of the business. With Noxcod, we can analyse your customer journey and automate tasks such as onboarding, reminders or even reminder sequences to request customer feedback.

How do we develop your application Make ?

We respond to all requests, but what is our method we use to do so?

Analysis of the process to be automated

We analyze with you the process you want to automate and put it on paper.

Implementation of the automation

Based on the analysis of the process and your expectations, we set up the automation.

Drafting of process documentation (videos)

We write documentation and also provide you with a video to help you understand how the automation works.


Our experience with Make

Noxcod has been a Make partner for 2 years now! We work every day with Make to automate our processes, but also those of our customers.

With more than 100 projects under our belt, we can advise you on the best practices to automate your processes and save precious time.

Our experts
Laurie Nicolas
Bubble Developer
Robin Fouratier
CTO, Co-Founder
Dominique Silvestre
CEO, Co-Founder

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Automate your business !

On request
The plan include

- Analysis of the process to be automated
- Drafting of a process documentation (videos)
- Implementation of the automation
- Training of your teams on the automation set up

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What is Make?

A company uses several dozen or even hundreds of applications, and each of these applications has thousands or even millions of data.

Make allows you to connect your applications and process information between them.

You use Shopify for your e-commerce site, mailchimp for your e-mailing and Quickbooks for your invoicing.

You can generate the invoice as soon as a purchase is made, send it via Quickbooks and depending on the product purchased, send it in a particular email sequence via mailchimp.

Why choose Make?

Make is certainly the most powerful API connector on the market. It is extremely complete, and you can automate with many steps and requirements.

Make is an ideal tool to improve the productivity of your company. It also allows you to easily develop technical knowledge in-house.

But wait, doesn't it remind you of another tool?

Make is a direct competitor to Zapier. If you want to have a detailed comparison of the 2 tools, we have written a complete article.

The features offered Make

Make offers many features:

  • More than 1000 applications already integrated in the application
  • An HTTPS connector that allows you to connect Make to any application that has an API.
  • Modules that integrate many conditions, variable processing and data formatting.

Make is really powerful for the automation of your processes and allows you to become much more flexible in your work.

To know more about Make, click here.

Make advantages and disadvantages


Very flexible
More than 1000 connections
You can create your own API connection
Data can be hosted in Europe. GDPR Compliant.


Hard to learn
Not intuitive

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