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Noxcod shares its expertise with you to help you create your automation with Zapier.


Some of the No code projects we have done with Zapier

Why choose Noxcod as a Zapier agency ?

Zapier is a key tool in Noxcod's technical stack. We use it to help you automate your processes and stop doing repetitive tasks.

Zapier is one of the automation tools that allows you to save a lot of time, whether it is for simple automation or for managing a campaign on social networks.

Whoo should use a Zapier agency?

A Zapier agency to automate repetitive tasks

You want to automate repetitive tasks like :

  • Automatically adding customers or prospects to your CRM when a request is made on one of your forms.
  • Automatically post content on your social networks.
  • Create a new support ticket in your Trello as soon as there is a request to customer support.
  • Create an invoice on Quickbooks as soon as someone orders on your e-commerce site.

With Zapier you can automate dozens of repetitive and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the tasks that really matter to your business.

Zapier agency to extend the possibilities of your no code application.

You have an application with Bubble or Flutterflow and you want to allow your users to connect your tool to other applications like notion, Instagram and hundreds of others in a few clicks?

Noxcod offers you to reference and integrate your application on Zapier.

How do we develop your application Zapier?

We respond to all requests, but what is our method we use to do so?

Analysis of the process to be automated

We analyze with you the process you want to automate and put it on paper.

Implementation of the automation

Based on the analysis of the process and your expectations, we set up the automation.

Drafting of process documentation

We write documentation and also provide you with a video to help you understand how the automation works.


Our experience with Zapier

We have already been in contact with over 100 companies of all sizes and have supported them in the realization of their projects.

We know that deadlines can be a problem in the development of a project and that deadlines can be tight. With no code, we can address this issue more easily by developing time-saving automations and applications extremely quickly.

Our experts
Laurie Nicolas
Bubble Developer
Robin Fouratier
CTO, Co-Founder
Dominique Silvestre
CEO, Co-Founder

Price list - Ask for a quote

Pricing Zapier

Automate your business !

On request
The plan include

- Analysis of the process to be automated
- Drafting of a process documentation (videos)
- Implementation of the automation
- Training of your teams on the automation set up

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What is Zapier ?

Zapier is an automation tool that allows you to automate actions in your processes.

It is based on triggers that trigger actions.

For example, if you are an aesthetic center, you can schedule appointments made on your website automatically in the schedule of your employees.

Another example, when a new customer contacts you, you automatically send a Slack message to one of your sales representatives.

Why choose Zapier ?

Zapier is extremely easy to use, unlike other tools like Make which are much more complex to use. If you want to have a detailed comparison of the 2 tools, we have written a complete article.

You can automate hundreds of tasks without a line of code and it already has thousands of pre-registered applications that you can automate with a few clicks.

Features offered by Zapier

Zapier to allow you to automate a maximum of tasks simply offers several features. All these features are developed to allow you to easily automate repetitive tasks.

Here are some of the features:

  • More than 3000 applications pre-integrated in the tool.
  • Multistep workflows to automate multiple applications in one automation.
  • A formatter to transform data between applications and automate data processing.
  • Several price plans, a free version and several paid versions.

Zapier advantages and disadvantages


Easy to use
More than 3000 connections
Data formatter


Not suitable for complex automation

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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