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NoCode News September 2022

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September 13, 2022

News Nocode september 2022

Hello Noxcoders, the news Nocode is back after the vacations. From Airtable to Figma and Bubble, discover all the events and new features of this summer.


Bubble X Notion

Bubble partners with Notion: A promising collaboration.

Indeed, Notion and Bubble are tools that complement each other: "Notion's mission is to "make tool making ubiquitous", while Bubble's mission is to "erase the distinction between software use and software creation". Together, they hope to embody "the essence of the No Code movement."

The first novelty of this collaboration is an application: "Notion To-Do", currently in beta. Its goal is to quickly feed your Notion database with new tasks.  We expect a lot from this collaboration, we can't wait to see what they will propose for the future.


Bubble improves its home page's ergonomics, making it easier to use. It also completes its support center to better respond to customer issues.

Some other improvements:

  • Added 3D secure payment.
  • Added additional repetitive group control to conditional formatting → reduced repetitive effort.
  • Full release of GET queries and keys with periods for API workflows.
  • Moved internal data pipelines to → make product and business analysis faster and more resistant.

Some of these changes created technical bugs, making the Bubble community unhappy. We hope that these bugs will not be redundant in the future.


Bubble is the official sponsor of the No Code event of the fall, Nocode Summit 2022.  This No Code event is the most anticipated in Europe, and Bubble's co-CEO will be one of the 1OO speakers present for the event.


Logic beta available

What is Logic? It's the new automation space directly integrated to Webflow. It is composed of native integration, HTTP block and webhook trigger that make the platform more flexible and powerful. This new space allows to collect leads, to better manage a membership site and to transfer data. For the moment Logic is still in Beta but its potential is very interesting for the future.


Webflow is still acting like its colleagues. Here are some notable improvements from this summer:

  • Hosting configuration updated to support more secure TLS 1.3: This update makes connecting to your sites faster and more secure.
  • Improved your site's development capabilities : publish and unpublish multiple CMS elements at once.


Webflow has announced its new conference that will take place from November 9-10 in San Francisco. It will also be visible online. Another conference that promises a lot of novelty. We will of course communicate all the details of this one on the social networks and in the news of November.



The new features and improvements in FlutterFlow are numerous, here is a list of the new features:

  • API improvements (API group, API security, ...)
  • Adding an action to request permissions
  • Add a new PinCode Widget
  • Added semi-automatic text field input
  • Customize security rules
  • Flutterflow preview: a preview application that allows you to see and share your application
  • Creation of a desktop application for Mac OS in beta
  • New project dashboard: search by name + more readable project view
  • New Face ID and Touch ID authentication on iOS and Android
  • Warning if you haven't saved recently
  • File size warning
  • Automatic saving every 5 minutes.
  • Categorize your data with the "data type" feature. The data type can be an "address", a "user"...
  • Option with Mux to make live broadcasts

New Flutterflow package options

Flutterflow completes its offer and adds two new packages:

  1. Annual billing available for all Flutterflow packages (Standard, Pro, Teams). This allows you to benefit from a 3 months discount when switching to annual billing.
  2. And monthly billing is now available for Teams packages.

Flutterflow 3.0

The Flutterflow 3.0 update was released in August. Here is a summary of the new features of this update.

The first novelty is the Flutterflow marketplace, it allows the developing and selling your template.

Flutterflow adds new features dedicated to teams. It allows you to create widgets, actions, and custom functions shared with your whole team. When you update your library, it is directly updated in all your projects. No need to manually edit each project.

Flutterflow integrates a design system for teams. This system allows you to create a precise graphical scope on different pages that will be available on all your projects. It includes theme, font styles, custom icons/fonts, templates and UI components.

They are developing a new timer widget with a countdown timer. And a search for components and models.


Flutterflow have organized a contest called "Hackathon" which consists of electing the best game creators using the Flutterflow tool.  Participants have already turned in all their projects.

The winner has been announced on September 12, 2022 during the Flutterflow conference! The replay of the conference is available on YouTube.


At Airtable, too, there are several improvements to be aware of. Here is a summary of what's new this summer:

  • Improved user interface: updated basic navigation (more ergonomic and faster), 3-pane automation
  • Increased registration limits, 2.5 times more registration (enterprise)
  • New records in the interfaces
  • Filter by linked record (relationship between your data)
  • Better formatting of summaries
  • Rename your records by "task" or "event
  • 4 new button types in the designer interface: run automation, copy record URL, delete record, and navigation button.
  • Automatic update of Google Docs

Airtable shares with us a lot of small changes that make it much easier to use.


For Notion it's the same, they integrate a lot of new features that make it easier to use.

Notion improves the user experience

For starters, they are developing new features for the user experience. If you are used to working in columns, they are adding a new way to create columns, just use the shortcut "/col" and then you can select up to 5 column blocks.

For avid users of Notion, we have been pleasantly surprised to see a new possibility to open a page in lateral format, before, you could simply open it in the center or entirely. This new opening allows you to have an overview and to navigate on two different pages at the same time.

They also include a filtered search function.

They also improve the startup speed of Android and iOS apps, it opens 2 to 3 times faster.

Notion arranges the collaborative space

Notion is launching a new comments API. This allows you to read comments on a page or block, and add comments to existing pages and threads.

They include a new control tool for administrators. You can now join the team spaces that interest you, and ignore those that do not. These team spaces allow each department in your company to have its own workspace, no matter how big or small your organization is.


Adalo has little to improve its platform this month but they have still changed three important things.

First of all, they launch a new Google for Web and Native connection component. It allows to fix user's login bugs.

Then Adalo adds more pricing options and a new option to disable instant browsing.

And finally, new apps created by their company now require level 31 of the Android API. This is a change from the way apps were created before the Google Play target requirements were met. This change should not negatively impact the functionality of the apps; it only affects how the apps are configured.


Figma is celebrating its 10ᵉ anniversary and for that they are importing 20 small but important improvements. We quote you some of them:

  • Annotation is smoother: pencil strokes are no longer cut off and no longer disturb auto-layout of the frames.
  • improved gradient,
  • placement of elements simplified with keyboard shortcuts for example by blocking the Shift key,
  • creation of temporary groups and aligned elements more easily,
  • improved dimension functions,
  • and a lot more...

The other cool new feature is the integration of Microsoft Teams. You can now film yourself from Figma from Microsoft Teams, a good way to make conference calls more human and warm.

Noxcod News

No Code Summit 2022


We are pleased to announce our participation in the long-awaited No Code Summit. It will take place from September 29th to 30th 2022 in Paris. You will be able to meet Noxcod founders Dominique Silvestre and Robin Fouratier, as well as Charles Mouchoux, our business developer.

They are looking forward to the event!

New French Bubble Bootcamp 🎓

A new Bubble Bootcamp is scheduled! The training starts on October 3, 2022 and lasts for 3 weeks.

🧐 On the program:

1ʳᵉ week: Discovering Bubble: repeating group, states, workflows, database.

2ᵉ week : Creating a Bubble application from scratch.

3ᵉ week: Dedicated to developing your personal projects.

Our new trainer François Lopez is waiting for you online:

"My goal will be to make this training accessible to everyone, regardless of your background. This bootcamp aims, to train you to Bubble and that you will be able at the end of the 3 weeks to create your Bubble application saving precious time on your research."

To participate in our next Bubble training, fully online and open to all, just register here.

🚨 The training is limited to 10 places and the last registrations are done, at the latest on 23/09.

Here are some reviews from our previous bootcamps:

Christophe Montagne Longue: "Participating in Noxcod's Bubble bootcamp is without a doubt one of my best training investments. A step by step progress, a simplified practical application and a careful follow-up allow me today to create serenely the first version of our product."

Boubacar Maiga: "Bubble training that I strongly recommend. Trainer very educational and available to answer all questions 15 times if needed 😅. After this training, I was able to launch myself as a Bubble freelancer. Top notch 👌🏾"

Discovery of the month

Unfortunately for September, we don't have a discovery of the month, but don't worry, we'll bring you one in October.

That's all for the news of September 2022. See you in October for the next No code news !!!

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