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One year already with Noxcod

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November 15, 2021

Time and technology have one thing in common; they both run fast ! Noxcod, our beloved no-code agency, is no exception to this rule: 2021 was full of projects, achievements, growth and surprises.

Review of this first year

A few milestones were set this year: we welcomed over 15 new clients, and developed their projects with the passion and ambition they deserve; our family grew, as we went from a 2-person startup to a full team counting seven members, each bringing their skills and motivation to the table; and finally last, but not least, we are proud to announce that Noxcod hosted 2 successful Bootcamps, to allow our Noxcoders to sharpen their Bubble skills, and introduce them to the myriad possibilities that the no-code giant have to offer.

A few of the projects stood out this year, as we conducted projects for renowned institutions such as Danone or Le Petit Paumé, and helped ambitious startups reach their objectives through no-code apps, with up and coming new partners like Will Agent, Go4Me or ScoringMe. Each and every single one of those new projects benefitted from the expertise and skill of our talented team of devs; Laurie, Anthony, Tiago and Loic gave their all to make the no-code dreams of our clients come true, dreams guided by the insightful concepts of our designer, Stéphane.

Let's meet in our new offices

Of course, new growth also needs new space, and new perspectives: come discuss them and grab a coffee with us at our new headquarters at 59 Rue de l’abondance in Lyon!

Photo from our offices with our client

Only good things on the horizon, as the market is opening itself up to the near limitless potential of no-code development. Noxcod, as one of the pioneers of this new world, is dreaming big as well: our objective for 2022 is to be nothing less than the #1 player on the french market, without fundraising, standing out through our expertise and efficiency, our customer oriented approach and the quality of our creations. 

Join our No-code team

As such, we are currently looking for new talent to board the ship and join us in this adventure: calling all Bubble knights, Webflow wizards and design masters to join our growing ranks! If you fit the profile, do not hesitate to get in touch through our contact page.

We have also chosen to temporarily suspend our training activity, to focus most of our energy towards new projects and development. Do not worry though; this is temporary. We will soon be back to help you achieve your no-code goals: our expertise will be, at first, available through an e-learning system with several courses. Register on our bootcamp page to find out when the course will be available!

Convert your Bubble application on iOS and Android with our first Noxcod plugin

Nox Native plugin by Noxcod

We are also creating and perfecting an automated plugin, to seamlessly convert your Bubble app into a fully-fledged, ready to download iOS and Android native app. We will soon launch a beta-testing phase, so, if you want to try it out and help us add the finishing touches, you can register to our list right now: you’ll be the first to know!

From Dominique & Robin, co-founders of Noxcod

Dominique Silvestre
CEO, Co-Founder
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