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Some of the No code projects we have done

Why choose Noxcod as your No code development agency?

We are an agency that develops applications and web platforms in No Code. With us, you will have a complete follow-up and support on your No Code development project.

Noxcod is a No code web agency that allows you to develop website, internal project, plugins, and app that fits your goals.

Noxcod guides, support and advises you on all questions of design, interfacing, and growth of your website.

More than 5 years of experience on no code development

The no code agency Noxcod has already supported more than 100 projects for various companies.
Our no code experts have been working on no code tools for 5 years now.

Thanks to this experience in the no code field, we are able to offer you a solution for any digital related issue: custom website creation, complex application creation, internal tools, artificial intelligence, mobile application, process automations…

Analysis & Brainstorming

We will review all the features of your project. The objective will be to understand the platform or application and to choose the most appropriate NoCode technology.

In addition to the technological recommendation, we will advise you on functional choices to accelerate the platform’s development or application.

Design & Architecture

Many of our clients come with an idea and a concept. We are able to help you with the UI and UX of your application in order to quickly develop your application.

Realization & Support

Before all our developments, we always carry out user flows and also a database diagram. All our clients emphasize that we do not only develop but we work on your project as if it were our project.


We provide training and coaching for our clients. Find our Nocode booctamps here. You can also make an appointment with our team for coaching here.

In addition to developing applications and solutions, our no code agency offers in-house training.

The Goal : to show that anyone can solve their problems or launch their product with no code

A Multidisciplinary Team

We accompany all your no code projects: web application development, mobile application, CRM, automation.

What do we mean by support your project?

We accompany you in the whole process of reflections for the development of your project :  

  • Precise definition of user needs.
  • Construction of a simple and coherent user experience.
  • Training of your employees for professional applications.

How do we develop your No code solution?

We respond to all requests, but what is our method we use to do so?





Our experience

Noxcod is a leading no code agency in France. Our agency has more than 100 No code development projects. So we are well placed to give you the best advice on this subject.

Our experts
Laurie Nicolas
Bubble Developer
Antoine Pivot
UX-UI Designer
Robin Fouratier
CTO, Co-Founder

Coaching No code

In addition to developing your platform No code, our agency can also train you so that you can be autonomous on the animation of your platform.

You want :

  • Be accompanied during the development of your apps or website.
  • Have advice on a specific problem on Bubble, Flutterflow, Webflow…

Improving your responsiveness

Optimization of the database to improve loading times

Improve the referencing of your platform No code

Improve the loading times of your platform No code

Improved speed of your platform No code

Optimization of the design of your product sheets

Price list - Ask for a quote

Our prices depend mainly on your needs.

Agile Project - Bubble

For complex projects requiring special fittings and a unique design.

The Agile project Bubble includes :

Flexible development

Fixed Price

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks

Dedicated project manager

Payment in stages

Get in touch
Agile Project - Webflow

For complex projects requiring special fittings and a unique design.

From 3000€
The Agile project Webflow includes :

Flexible development

Fixed Price

Delivery in 2 to 3 weeks

Dedicated project manager

Payment in stages

Get in touch

What is No code?

The No code is a term used in software development to describe the process of creating applications, websites or services without the need for hand coding or a programming language. No lines of code, their visual interface is simple. This makes it easy for non-technical staff to create something from scratch, with little technical expertise required.

Why do No code?

The No code allows you to: 

  • Create applications quickly, without having to write code.
  • Reduce the development time and cost of creating applications.
  • Make application creation accessible, no coding, means that anyone with basic technical skills can create an application.
  • Reduce maintenance: a no-code application requires little or no maintenance, as the code is maintained directly on the servers of the no-code tools.
  • Be less dependent on IT departments.

The best No code tools

To develop your platforms in No code, you need to know which tools are the most relevant and adapted to your needs. For that, you can directly take a look at our toolbox.

In the meantime, here is a small list of tools with their specialization:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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